The Sharn Advantage!

What benefits do we offer, and which customer problems do we solve by making “Point-of-Purchase Displays” in-house, here in Frankfort, IL?

 1.) Cost is important, but so is maximizing the space that your retailer allows you. Since your display is custom-made for your product, it allows for maximum products in the smallest space possible. (ROI)

2.) With Sharn, you have the ability to choose various materials, colors, and sizes. Everything is produced here in our plant and is custom-made for you; these are options that you don’t have with standard “stock” displays.

3.) Our 35 years of experience enables us to recommend, to you, more economical ways to manufacture your displays. This results in lower costs to you, while giving you exactly what you want to promote to your products.

4.) We offer Free Design Assistance as well as nominally priced prototyping services.

5.) Since we are a domestic manufacturer, you can receive your custom display in as little as three to four weeks. In addition, you can order smaller  of what you need, resulting in less investment and time on your part.

6.) Our “Privately Owned” Company offers you unique flexibility regarding lead times, pricing, and terms.

7.) To get an idea of what we can do for you, please visit our website at or call us at (815) 464-9715.

Sharn’s 2011 Promotional Newsletter

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  • We are offering $100 OFF or a Free 3/4 size Male Mannequin with stand on your next order of $1,000 or more.
  • Please contact us at (815) 464-9715 or e-mail for information regarding ORDER NOW, PAY IN 2012

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