Made in the USA!

Sharn Enterprises , Inc. – Display products made exclusively in  AMERICA  !

Research shows that customers are beginning to look more and more for “Made in America” products, and they are developing a “shop local” mind-set.

In this most difficult of economies, with unemployment greater than 8%, your customers want to help support our domestic economy.  Did you know that, currently, the Chinese trade surplus with the United States is over 19.45 billion dollars? We need to do a better job of keeping U.S. Dollars and U.S. jobs right here in America!

Your customers want to be able to rely on good old-fashioned American quality, reliability, and service.  If they have a question or concern, they want to be able to speak locally to a person, not a machine or someone in a call center overseas. They are entitled to quick answers and even faster responses to their concerns.

As Sharn’s customer, we want to help reduce your overall costs.  Don’t order more than what you need  just to meet someone else’s minimum, or to get a better shipping cost. Sharn Enterprises is concerned about your total investment (ROI), and we gladly accept smaller type orders. Sharn also offers you regular credit terms so you don’t have to pay in advance for items that you haven’t even seen yet. Since we are a Midwest based manufacturing company, your lead time is much quicker, and your shipping costs will be much lower.

Sharn Enterprises is a domestic manufacturer of point of purchase products.  We have been dealing with our loyal customers for over 35 years.  We make it easy for you to do business with us, and even easier to communicate with us.  Call us at (815) 464-9715, e-mail us at,  or visit our website at, for more information.

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