Do you feel that your vendors take you for granted? Does it take days for them to get back to you?

At times, your vendors may become too comfortable with you.  When this happens, they tend to take your business for granted.  Some of the energy and enthusiasm that they used to invest in your projects is now being diverted to new or “prospective” clients.

If you find yourself in that position, then you need to do something about it. Go ahead and express your feelings of neglect to them- they may change their bad habits. If not, you should turn to Sharn Enterprises.  Here we will value your business by providing you with superior Design ideas and the type of customer service that you have come to rely on.

So, if your current Point-of-Purchase display supplier is out of ideas, and you’re still having service problems, then come and connect with us here at Sharn Enterprises.  If you do, you will receive new product ideas, great pricing & service, and the Respect that your business deserves!


Roger Wandersee

(815) 464-9715



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