Internship Follow-up: “Be a small business “mentor.” Save money and time!”

In January, I wrote about the opportunity many of us have to “Be a small business “mentor.”  Save money and time!” That was based on my viewpoint as the company President.  Now, I’d like to share with you how one of our students feels about combining work, school, family, and being mentored here at Sharn Enterprises.  


It means no more taking exams, writing papers, reading extremely boring books, or juggling group work and projects. I am free! I have waited so long to graduate from college and the day has come! I proved to myself that I am strong, determined, and capable. Now I am ready for the “real-world”…

Balancing work, home, and school:

Balancing these three seemed harder to me than any subject I had ever studied. I often found myself exhausted from lack of sleep, and pulling all-nighters so that I could take care of my work and family during daylight hours. I often look back and wonder how I made it all happen!

How I plan to use my education:

You would think that I have all the answers and know where I’m going now that I am done with school, but in today’s economy it remains a mystery. I have applied to numerous jobs and have yet to hear back from anyone- could it have something to do with graduating from the biggest graduating class my school has ever had? I’m not sure, but I do know that I plan on becoming a financial analyst who will spend her free time volunteering at a non-profit organization who helps needy families manage their finances.

My experience at Sharn Enterprises:

My biggest “take away” is that I experienced how to market a manufacturing company on a business to business level. Over the years, I have had much experience marketing on a business to consumer level but realized how different the two are; I feel that B2B is harder but I know that I am capable of the task.

Confidence, determination, and now “real world experience”. 

Way to go Tina!

Become a small business mentor today.

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