Profits are important, but people are too!

Recently, some employees of Sharn Enterprises, Inc. had the wonderful opportunity to join over 450 other volunteers to help pack food for hungry children. This two day event was a “Feed My Starving Children Mobile Pack” (FMSC) held right here in Frankfort Illinois. FMSC is the nation’s most experienced mobile food-packing and distribution charity here in the United States. Working together with local communities they ship food to hungry children in 67 countries throughout the world.

Some of Sharn’s employees became involved in the all-important fund raising and marketing effort which is necessary for such a large scale even. Over the course of this two day event over 116,000 meals were packed. These meals are already in a container being shipped overseas, to orphanages, hospitals, and schools in underprivileged countries.

Roger Wandersee, President of Sharn Enterprises said, “Profits are important to a company, as well as their employees and vendors. It’s also important for a company to have a “social conscience”, and be prepared to give back to its community, country, and people who are in need.”

Sharn Enterprises, Inc. – A proud American Manufacturing Company.

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