Is It Really All About Price?

It’s all about price??

A couple of years ago, I called on a prospective customer in Ohio.  This was not a “cold call”.  We had a scheduled appointment and they were well aware that we were coming.  Within the first two minutes of our conversation, they made it perfectly clear that our possible relationship had everything to do with price, and pretty much….nothing else mattered.  They asked us “what exactly are you going to do for me?”

We spent another 30 minutes or so discussing upcoming projects, but we never went back or called them again! 

       No, it’s all about relationships”

The reason we didn’t call back is that we just don’t do business that way. Sharn Enterprises has been in business for over 35 years, and one of the reasons we have been successful is that our customers keep coming back year after year!  Your retail environment is constantly changing, and your products, and our designs have to change with it.  That’s why it’s important to have a synergistic relationship between both the vendor and the customer.  We are always concerned about your budget, and often Sharn is the lowest priced vendor, but sometimes we are not.  However our customers keep coming back to us because we consistently offer them the best overall value for their dollar.

We offer them the “ideal” situation; that is the best designed, best quality manufactured POP display available in their particular price range.

We offer them a “fair” deal; free design assistance, free warehousing for up to two months, and comfortable credit terms that fit their particular situation.

Finally, we offer them confidence.  Confidence in American design, manufacturing, and customer service.  Confidence that their particular project will be completed as promised – and on time.  

“That’s the Sharn way of doing business”


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