“Promises, Promises, Promises “

Well, here we are, back in the political season.  Some people call it “the silly season” . The Republicans holding their convention this week, while the Democrats are holding their convention next week. 

Both parties have their bold promises, and their obvious efforts to re write the past, in order to put the best spin on their story for you, their new customer (you the voter).    Promises made, Promises kept?  Well,   some kept, while others are still waiting to be delivered on.

You know, sometimes politics reminds me of business.  Doesn’t this sound a bit like some of the relationships you have with your vendors?  They promise you one thing and then do another.  How about those “off shore suppliers” of yours?  They send a perfect sample, and then the finished product comes in, well…not looking quite like the sample that was sent to you. 

If you’re feeling a bit let down by your current POP supplier (domestic or foreign), then I urge you to check out Sharn Enterprises, Inc.  We are an American owned company, with proud American workers, producing high quality American made products on time, and on budget! 

“When you partner with Sharn Enterprises, you never have to worry about the detail… that’s what we do.”


                                    Promise Made, Promise Kept!             




Let’s face it; color is a factor present in all aspects of life: in design, in food, even in love. There are definitely some people out there that will walk right out of your store (or leave your website) if they’re turned off by the color scheme or offended by a glaringly-colored product.  Did you know that 83 Million mothers represent $2.7 trillion in annual spending, and they like color.  According to Marketing to Moms author, Maria Bailey, “They represent the largest consumer group in the country because they control (up to) 85% of household spending”.

Here are some other interesting facts about color:

93% of Consumers place visual appearance and colors above others factors when shopping

85% of shoppers place color as a primary reason for why they buy a particular product

Color increases brand recognition by 80%; brand recognition directly links to consumer confidence

Color is identified by most shoppers as the primary reason why they buy a product, and retailers use color to manipulate our brains into buying. For example: Yellow makes us excited, which is why teen stores use it to attract impulse buyers, and blue makes us think of reliability, is often used by banks.

Color is also one of the most powerful methods of design.  Below are some colors that affect North American shoppers

Colors can help increase brand recognition,  thus, if you work with your brand’s signature colors in the design and layout of your display, you’ll inevitably attract more shoppers–as well as keeping the entire presentation cohesive.

The best advice for adding color to your retail design philosophy is to know who you are and marry that with what works for you, your business, and your shoppers, and then run with that. No one knows better than you, right?

At Sharn Enterprises, our design team incorporates this philosophy into every display they make.  Call us today for free design assistance with your next project.


Are We All Too Busy?

Are you too busy?

Is the pressure of your daily work schedule getting to you?  Does it seem like every phone call seems to be interrupted by another call.

How about all those emails, and texts?  Can you remember the days when you would go to one of your children’s events, and actually watch it, rather than looking at your smartphone?

It just seems like we do not know – how not to be busy!

Dr. Hallowell writes in  “Crazy Busy”:

“You can feel like a tin can surrounded by a circle of magnets. Many people are extremely busy because they allow themselves to respond to every magnet.  But then it’s the magnets that have the control”

Let us help you regain that control

Like us at Sharn Enterprises, many of you are involved with retail sales.  The demands of design, price, and delivery can often times seem overwhelming, but I assure you that they are not, to the experts at Sharn Enterprises.  After all, we have been in business for over 36 years now.  So, “this is not our first rodeo”  

When you partner with Sharn Enterprises you never have to worry about the details… That’s what we do!



Do You Need Help Getting Your Products Made?

It certainly can be frustrating trying to get all of your products made the way you want, and on time.  You have one part of your product made by the acrylic vendor, another part made by the wood vendor, and a third part made by your metal fabricator….on and on it goes!

Finally each of your products is delivered to you.  Unfortunately, they don’t get there at the same time.  The last part you need to work on comes in first, and the first part you need comes in last!  Then, you finally begin to put them all together, and guess what? Something doesn’t fit:  Vendor B made a measurement mistake!   Does this story sound familiar?

Well, if it does, you ought to consider having all of your fabrication work done right here at Sharn Enterprises!  Our in-house production, and design capabilities give us greater control over all aspects of the manufacturing process. Because we are doing all of the work right here, we can provide you with the quality and pricing advantages that you require, and deserve.

Or just maybe you’re just not willing to invest in a whole container of products from China? Usually, you need to pay for the shipment in advance, when all you have seen so far is a prototype.  And what about that inevitable container damage, claims, etc???

Well,  Sharn Enterprises makes it easy for you to do business with us!  Our brand new 26,000 sq. ft. facility, conveniently located in Frankfort, Illinois enables us to design and manufacture both small and large orders, while maintaining manufacturing precision, product integrity, all with favorable pricing and credit terms.

So, for top quality custom fabrication for your next project, without the typical “production headaches”, please contact us at Sharn Enterprises, Inc.  We will be happy to help!

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