Are We All Too Busy?

Are you too busy?

Is the pressure of your daily work schedule getting to you?  Does it seem like every phone call seems to be interrupted by another call.

How about all those emails, and texts?  Can you remember the days when you would go to one of your children’s events, and actually watch it, rather than looking at your smartphone?

It just seems like we do not know – how not to be busy!

Dr. Hallowell writes in  “Crazy Busy”:

“You can feel like a tin can surrounded by a circle of magnets. Many people are extremely busy because they allow themselves to respond to every magnet.  But then it’s the magnets that have the control”

Let us help you regain that control

Like us at Sharn Enterprises, many of you are involved with retail sales.  The demands of design, price, and delivery can often times seem overwhelming, but I assure you that they are not, to the experts at Sharn Enterprises.  After all, we have been in business for over 36 years now.  So, “this is not our first rodeo”  

When you partner with Sharn Enterprises you never have to worry about the details… That’s what we do!


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