“Promises, Promises, Promises “

Well, here we are, back in the political season.  Some people call it “the silly season” . The Republicans holding their convention this week, while the Democrats are holding their convention next week. 

Both parties have their bold promises, and their obvious efforts to re write the past, in order to put the best spin on their story for you, their new customer (you the voter).    Promises made, Promises kept?  Well,   some kept, while others are still waiting to be delivered on.

You know, sometimes politics reminds me of business.  Doesn’t this sound a bit like some of the relationships you have with your vendors?  They promise you one thing and then do another.  How about those “off shore suppliers” of yours?  They send a perfect sample, and then the finished product comes in, well…not looking quite like the sample that was sent to you. 

If you’re feeling a bit let down by your current POP supplier (domestic or foreign), then I urge you to check out Sharn Enterprises, Inc.  We are an American owned company, with proud American workers, producing high quality American made products on time, and on budget! 

“When you partner with Sharn Enterprises, you never have to worry about the detail… that’s what we do.”


                                    Promise Made, Promise Kept!             


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