It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year……………Black Friday?

Black Friday

Black Friday……….Obviously, it’s extremely important to a lot of you and your bottom line For many companies, it’s the difference between having a mediocre year, and having a great year!   

You’re sales plans have been set and they are coming along just as you have planned.  But,… wouldn’t it be great to sell that additional program, and get delivery before the holidays????

You’re probably thinking that you’re running out of time, especially those of you who import your POP products from China.  Working out designs, prototypes, and pricing from thousands of miles away is never easy, and certainly not fast.

Sharn Enterprises wants to help you get that “Extra additional order”.  The one that will help make this year even more of a success for your company.

Located in our 26,000 square ft. facility, in Frankfort, Illinois, our team of professional designers and engineers have the skills, and  ability to work with you quickly,  and efficiently.  We will design, prototype and deliver that important holiday order to you, so that your products are in the stores and ready for your  customers  on Black Friday !

Our customer driven staff sets the standard for personalized service, creative solutions, and unique flexibility.  Call or write to us today!

815 464 9715


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