Are You Just Getting By?

Are you just getting by?

When I say this, I don’t mean financially.  I mean are you just “coasting” through life.  Do you let people, your work, or even just ordinary life events dictate how you feel, or for that matter how you react to different situations?  For example, I’m writing this on Monday morning, and as I go through my day thus far, I’m convinced that’s exactly what happens to an awful lot of us.

Maybe it’s the guy at the Post Office or DMV who begrudgingly says Next!” without even looking up at you or Heaven forbid even smile at you.  Or, maybe it’s a co-worker who has that blank stare on her face when you ask her a question, because she is still thinking about last weekend, rather than the job to be done today. How about those folks next to you at the restaurant?  There they sit, two people having lunch together, but neither one is talking, because each of them is scrolling on their smart phones?  Again, their minds are somewhere else, rather than enjoying the moment and the people they are with.

Is it because they are too busy?  Their job is too boring?  Perhaps, it’s the economic downturn that seems to have affected all of our lives?  Or, it certainly could be personal problems in their own lives, and they are just caught up in their own thoughts.   I don’t know for sure.  It could be any one of these, or maybe all of them.  I just know that it sometimes feels like we are becoming a country of “isolated people” living somewhat “automatically”,    just giving “Lip service” to life.

Maybe it’s time for a change?

I would hate to live this way, but being human, we all go through periods feeling like this.

Hey, we all know life is short, that’s why we ought to seize the moment, be involved, enjoy the day, our work, and the people that we come in contact with.   I was thinking about this a lot, and what I realized is that the first step in getting back to enjoying yourself and  life, is to recognize that sometimes you are too busy, too bored, or to pre-occupied to really enjoy the moment that you are in right now. It seems you might be too busy to enjoy life!

Here are some suggestions that could help you get focused on what’s really important in your life:

  • Try turning off the TV once in a while and talk to your wife & children.
  • Turn off your cell phone, give it – and you a rest.
  • Read something, a book, a magazine – not the internet!
  • Go outside for a walk– without your iPod.
  • Try turning off your car radio, and enjoy the silence
  • Re-acquaint yourself with your friends, your neighbors, your church and your family.  They will give you the balance that you need and require.

If you have any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions about this, I would love to hear them.

Roger Wandersee

Sharn Enterprises, inc.




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