The Art of Competition

The Art of Competition

Being from the Chicago land area, when I think of competition I often think about the rivalry between the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers.   These two teams have been battling it out since 1921, and it is probably one of the oldest rivalries in football history.  They just played a few weeks ago, and it was almost like a national holiday around here.  When I came into work that day, I was the only one not wearing some type of Bears shirt or jersey (No, I wasn’t wearing Green Bay either).

We are all taught from a very young age to compete.  Certainly, we do that in school with our grades, as well as in all of our various sporting events. We are taught that competition is good for us.  That competition makes you strive to achieve and fulfill your greatest potential.

Webster’s Dictionary defines competition as A test of skill or ability” or as The activity of competing as for a profit or a prize

As most of you know, competition in business can be tough! Successfully growing a business is often dependant on having a strong competitive edge that gradually builds a core of loyal customers, which increases over time.  At Sharn Enterprises, this is what has allowed us to do business for nearly 38 years!

When a potential customer approaches us and asks the inevitable question “Why should we buy from Sharn?” we usually tell them:

  1. You can count on our 38 years of reliable, efficient, and timely service.
  2. Since everything is manufactured “under one roof”, we are able to closely control both our quality, and our pricing to you. We are a proud American manufacturer!
  3. We provide free custom design assistance.  That’s just one of the benefits of dealing with our customer friendly staff.
  4. We are privately owned. We have unique flexibility on everything ranging from the scheduling of small to large orders, pricing, and customer terms.
  5. And, finally the biggest reason…. “We want to do business with you!

For more information about our products & services, visit our website at


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