It’s time to come together………

Well, the election is finally over (whew) thank goodness!

I was really tired of all of those campaign commercials.  How about you?  If you believed even half of them,  given the chance, you probably would have voted for “none of the above”.  The election is history now; it’s time to put the partisanship, and gridlock behind us and move on.

Even though the election tends to highlight the divisiveness in America, we have many common interests.  I believe all of us are concerned with the looming “financial cliff” that we will be facing in January; we are deeply worried about not only our own future, but also the future of our Grandchildren as well.  Concerns for healthcare in our aging population burden us.  The shortage of good paying American jobs worries over 23 million of us, and of course concerns about social issues like immigration, poverty and education are always present.

So, now that the elections over, the question becomes “What do we do now?”  Well, whether your candidate won or not, the first thing to do is to “Get over it”.  You’ve had your chance to express yourself through voting.  Government changes occurred this week, not with civil unrest and bloodshed, as in some countries, but rather by you and me going to the polls and peacefully expressing our preferences.  We have also elected a number of other Federal, State and local officials who also now represent us.

Congratulate them, pray for them, but most of all, continue to make your concerns known to them.  I believe a society gets the type of Government they deserve.  So, don’t just vote and quit, rather vote and continue to participate in the process by making your concerns known to those whom you have just  elected.

To make it easier for you to do this, I’m placing two links below.  One is for the White House, while the other is for Congress.  These folks have recently have been asking for your vote, it’s time for you to really tell them what’s on your mind.

Roger Wandersee

Sharn Enterprises, Inc.

A proud American manufacturer