Hope is not a plan…….


Hope is not a plan

As this year is quickly coming to a close, we look forward to a terrific 2013 for Sharn Enterprises!

We are not just “hoping” for a good year in 2013, we have been planning for that good year for a number of months now.  You see, if you’re just kind of crossing your fingers, hoping that the economy picks up, that your existing customers will still buy from you, that Washington doesn’t do anything destructive to the economy, or small business, you’re off to a bad start.   And, if you’re just wishing for good luck, then I remind you about this famous quotation:

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity


Here are just a couple of important points that we have been thinking about, and would like to share with you.

  1. Obviously, try to set realistic goals.  Recognize that any business has both strengths and weaknesses.  Most businesses also have their particular product and sales niches.  So consider how to emphasize your company’s strengths to get more sales, and work on improving any negatives. Drop what’s not working for you and move on.
  2. Sales are the most important part of any business, so begin the planning there.  Consider your overall marketing strategy for 2013.  What approaches will you take? Here are just a few to consider:  internet marketing, traditional print media, snail mail, telemarketing, or even a face to face meeting.     
  3. Make business planning a weekly event.  You just can’t establish plans in January and try to stick with them throughout the entire year.  Your plans need to be reviewed each week to see how you’re doing, and then “tweaked” as circumstances change.  We find that two of the most important things to review each, and every week are the amount of  your incoming sales compared to your forecast, as well as a weekly cash flow analysis.  We suggest you start there.
  4. Don’t just make do; if there is a piece of equipment in your plant (or office) that’s not running properly, bite the bullet and get it repaired or replaced.  The overall inefficiency and irritation of just making do isn’t worth the aggravation and expense.
  5. Finally… Network! Network! Network!  Get out and talk to your existing customers.  Visit or join other organizations where you can meet new people.  Go to industry trade shows.  That very next person that you meet might just become your biggest customer!


There certainly are a lot of other planning ideas to consider that I have not listed here, but these are among the most important ones to begin with.  Perhaps you have some unique ideas that you would like to pass on for the benefit of everyone else.  Please feel free to do that.       

We at Sharn Enterprises want to wish you a very happy New Year!