Going back to school as a returning adult…..and the value of an internship


Making the conscious decision to go back to school as an adult was never a hard decision for me.  What can make it difficult are all the outside factors that always seemed to get in the way.  There always seemed to be an excuse such as:  children, summer, sports, vacation, finances, work, family obligations…life!  You name it, and I found a reason not to take that initial step.  You see, I was one of those girls who graduated from High School (number nine in my class), who got a job working in downtown Chicago because that’s what everyone in my neighborhood did, and at that time jobs were plentiful.  I managed to get myself to college for the first year, and I loved it. But then that thing called “life” happened; my Dad had passed away, and I ended up coming home to help out with the family.  With all that being said, I never made it back to school.imagesCACFSI79

Fast forward 20 years, I’m a Mother of 2 teenage girls, and the economy is pretty awful.  Let’s be brutally honest, it’s hard to get a decent paying job without some type of higher education.  The competition is stiff, and age was not on my side.  I almost had no choice, and I figured if I’m going to do this, I’m going to choose what I want to study…. especially if I’m paying for it!


A couple of years later, here I am writing my last blog for Sharn Enterprises.  I’m their Marketing intern and within a couple of weeks I will receive my Bachelor of Arts in Communications, Summa Cum Laude.  It has been quite the juggling act going back to school. I learned very fast how to delegate, and balance my time because as we all know; the world doesn’t stop just because I need to do a research paper.  I can’t tell you how many times, I’ve typed a paper in the middle of five baskets of laundry, prepared dinner on the fly, or missed a family obligation because of a group study, or presentation that was due.   It seemed that to me, my house was always in disarray, but this is where my family came in.  I won’t lie; I had a great support system. My family not only understood the importance of higher learning, they encouraged it.  After all the hard work, and yes, even some tears, I was able to accomplish what I set out to do.  In the end, I want my children to know that even though Mom went to school and worked, she can still be a good Mom.  I can’t wait for my two daughters to see me walk across that stage.   It will be an emotional day for me, in ways you can’t even begin to imagine.

graduation cap


My name is Lynne Donegan, and I’m a Marketing Intern for Sharn Enterprises.  Sharn is a manufacturer of POP displays.    Some of you might ask ….well what is a POP display?  I thought the same thing when I applied for this internship.  I actually “Googled” it before I went on the interview.  A POP display is a specialized form of sales promotion that is found in all retail stores. They are intended to draw the customers’ attention to a particular product.  Sharn is American small business at its finest.  They have been in business for over 38 years and all of their displays are manufactured in their shop in Frankfort, IL.   Yes…Made in America! 

I would love to obtain a position as a marketing/communications coordinator.  Thank you Sharn Enterprises for giving me the opportunity to learn about your business and strengthening my skills in marketing and social media.  The knowledge I’ve gained, well, you just can’t put a price tag on it.

Sharn Enterprises

sharn building



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