Frequently Asked Questions

 questionmarkWhen new customers contact Sharn Enterprises for help with planning their new product “roll out”, they usually ask the same basic questions.  Listed below are the five most common questions we are asked, along with our responses.

  1. Can I get a sample? Yes, no problem.  First we would like to offer you a CAD 2- d spec drawing to make sure  we are including all of the details necessary to make you a perfect sample.  A drawing usually can be created the same or next day.
  2. Do you stock this?  While we do stock some generic types of displays, our main focus is in providing a custom-made point of purchase display  specifically made and branded  for you, your product, and your ultimate customer.  Space utilization (ROI) and the visual brand impact is what separates you from your competitors, and will get your products sold.
  3. How long will it take?  A sample based on the cad drawing, usually takes 7 to 10 working days depending on the actual finished design and the availability of the raw materials.  Actual order production time usually varies between 4 and 7 weeks largely depending on the size of the order.
  4. How much does it cost ? There is no charge for our Design drawings and the prototypes are nominally priced, just enough to cover the costs of some materials we had to buy. The price for your “Custom made display” will vary depending on the materials and labor costs involved.  Since we are a Made in the USA Midwest supplier, our costs, our minimums, and our freight expense are usually much less expensive than our nearest competitors.
  5.   Can you help me reduce the cost?  We realize that often you are almost giving away the display as part of your overall program with your customer. So then, our answer to you is an emphatic “Yes we can.”  That’s the whole point of a custom-made display.   Not only is it made to fit your specific product, but it is also made to fit your specific budget.  After we learn about your product, program, and what you’re trying to accomplish, we can suggest exactly the right Design and materials that you will need to get the job done and still hold down the price.  question mark blank guy

To learn more about our Company, its products and services, please visit our website at To contact us, email us at or call us at (815) 464-9715.


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