The Right-Brainers Artistic Edge

I recently read the book A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink. To summarize, this New York Times/Business Week/Wall Street Journal/ Washington Post best seller describes some of the differences in the way people think.  Daniel Pink explains how our brain is essentially divided into two hemispheres, left and right brains.  The left side emphasizes logical, linear, sequential, computer like capabilities, while the right side emphasizes empathy, imagination, joyousness, and meaning. The premise of the book is that “Right brainers will rule the future.”

right brain #3

Let me explain; in this book, Pink makes the case that many of the jobs that require repetitive skills (left brain) are now being outsourced overseas where wages, benefits, and working conditions are not the same as we have in the United States.  Routine functions are increasingly being turned over to machines, and low wage employees.

From a purely manufacturing point of view, it’s difficult for many American Manufacturers to compete against outsourcing with foreign labor. Being proud American Manufacturer’s ourselves, we want both our business and our employees to be successful.  Therefore, we continue to maintain fair wages, benefits, and safe working conditions.

So how do we compete and win?  Well the answer is to offer even greater value.  If we assume that all of our competitors basically have the same technology and features,   — Well, then its Design (Right brain) – imagination, competitive pricing, and great service, that’s how you win.  Working closely with our customers to create a customized product, emphasizing quality, maximizing product capacity, and fitting comfortably within your budget, that’s what we do here at Sharn Enterprises.

It is no longer good enough to create a product that is reasonably priced and functional in today’s competitive shopping environment. Your products must also be unique and beautiful in order to capture your target shopper’s attention. Our designers are well acquainted with the challenges you face when placing your products into various retail stores.  They will carefully work with you to create a uniquely designed display that will first get your products noticed – then sold!     

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Roger Wandersee


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