We Make Custom Parts

Did you know that Sharn Enterprises offers complete manufacturing and fabrication capabilities for all of your acrylic, wood, or metal projects?

Our in-house production capabilities give us greater control over all aspects of the manufacturing process, which results in lower costs to you!            

  Turret Punch Press_webKnuth Shear_web

      Just a few of those capabilities are:

  1.  Acrylic, wood, sheet metal, wire and tubing fabrication.
  2. CNC – punching  and cutting
  3. Welding (Spot/Mig/Tig)
  4. CNC hydraulic and mechanical press brakes
  5. Rolling and special forming
  6. Auto Cad 2D/3D Design and product development
  7. In house silk screening
  8.  Assembly and packing


Because we do all of this work in our own Frankfort, Illinois plant, you are not paying  inflated or marked up prices like you would be, if a middle man  were to handle your project.

sharn building

To contact us, email rogeraw@sharndisplays.com or call us at (815) 464-9715. To view some of our custom-made display products, visit our website at www.sharndisplays.com.

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Lost in the Clutter

A frequent habit of mine is to turn on the radio as soon as I get in the car, and change stations until I find a particular tune that I like.  I often skip through the stations, occasionally pausing, but mostly without even really listening to any chatter that lacks rhythm. Come to think of it, I can’t even name one specific radio advertisement that stuck out on my ride to work today. As far as newspapers & magazine advertisements, all I’m interested in there is the occasional discount coupon that is sometimes offered.  Fortunately for us in the marketing industry, television advertisements have notoriously been much more impressionable. In my particular case, that’s because I like to actually see a product before I buy it.

flo COMMPeople are constantly mentioning their most favorite commercial, or that dreadful ad that always seems to be repeated. Visual elements make these TV advertisements much more memorable.  But, are these ads more effective or simply       annoying, what do you think?

From my personal experience as a consumer, I know that presentation is the key for any sale. I have never seen an advertisement that gave me an urgent need or desire to purchase a specific item, but some commercials have attracted me to certain retail businesses. For example, a company may have advertised that they have a particular product in stock or on sale. So I’ll visit their store and leave with a cart full of some other products, but not the original advertised item I supposedly “came in here for.”

Clearly the decision to make a purchase happens mainly at the “brick & mortar “store.  That being the case, then just how will your company get your product off the shelf and into the customer’s shopping cart?   —-  The first rule of the sale is to get your product noticed ! With Sharn Enterprises, your display will stand out and be noticed, unlike this picture’s cluttered example.overstocked #1

Sharn Enterprises has 35 years of experience in the Point of Purchase (POP) industry.  We can provide your business with more economical ways to create unique, eye-catching product displays.  We also offer a wide array of materials and colors to choose from.  More importantly our Designers will work with you every step of the way. Your display will be custom-made for your specific product, so that not only are  your  products getting noticed, but you are also maximizing the valuable retail space you have been given, while minimizing the cost of getting your products into that retailers store.


            So don’t allow your valuable products to get lost in all of the “clutter.”  Make them stand out and be seen with a custom-made product display made exclusively for you by Sharn Enterprises.   ——– A proud American manufacturer!

For more information on our products and services, please check out our website at www.sharndisplays.com, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, or connect with us on Linkedin.