No Surprises Here

Just recently, I had a negative experience with a retail purchase online. I escaped the hassle of visiting the store in person, but ended up regretting my decision anyway. My package arrived later than the company had specified and the product had been badly damaged due to poor packaging. This type of customer service was a great inconvenience to me, the customer. Our company, Sharn Enterprises Inc. is known for reliable quality and service. We always strive to reach the highest level of customer satisfaction possible; unfortunately, not all companies view sales from the buyers’ perspective like we do.

Not only did I immediately feel buyer’s remorse after seeing the condition of the package, but things only continued to get worse. The product did resemble the image I had previously viewed on the company’s website, but it still wasn’t what I was expecting. In comparison to the price, the material and manufacturing quality were well below my standards for that price range. This certainly wasn’t a pleasant surprise. Here at Sharn Enterprises there are no surprises, because our design team works closely with our clients through every step of the process, from selecting materials to managing themes and color selection. Our customers benefit from the advantages of being able to specifically design the display to meet the needs of their individual product, as well as their budget. From a business perspective, we value customer satisfaction as a foundation for consumer loyalty. That’s what has allowed us to be in business for 39 years now.

Since 1974, Sharn Enterprises has been a leader in the manufacturing of custom-made retail displays. We specialize in the fabrication of wood, metal, and acrylic products. During our 39 years, we have established a premier reputation as a custom product provider through an increasingly diverse range of clients.

 Think of your favorite pair of Levi’s jeans, an ice-cold Coca Cola, or your beloved iPhone, we work to establish the difference between a custom-made product and a mass-produced cheap imitation. The key to a successful business is satisfied customers, which is why we treat each individual customer with respect and honest appreciation for their personal preferences.

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For more information about our products and services, please visit our website at or call us at 815 464 9715.

Roger Wandersee

Sharn Enterprises

A proud American manufacturer



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