Retail Displays & Their Effectiveness: Reading Between the Lines

sharn building

Retail displays are merchandising displays that pleasantly and effectively showcase inventory or featured products.  Retail Displays come in many shapes and sizes; they may be constructed out of a combination of various materials such as acrylic, wood, metal, cardboard, etc. Many business sell stock displays while others sell custom retail displays. Sharn Enterprises, Inc. offers both! Custom retail displays are an intelligent investment to make when aiming at featuring your product and raising your desired expectations. These custom fixtures draw attention in a competitive retail store and are made to suit your target audience.

The word “custom” in retail displays tends to be viewed with the assumption of a large expense.  It’s extremely important that we fit the needs and desires of our customers’ ideas, including their budget.  We have been in business since 1974, constantly looking for ways to keep your costs down. In 2008, we moved to a 26,000 square foot warehouse that enables us to create everything in-house… no middleman, here! Another bonus is that we have in-house design specialists that offer free design assistance and create prototypes at a minimal fee.

There are many factors to consider when designing the perfect retail display; the most important is to determine how to optimize the amount of merchandise with the given amount of floor space. You want to make sure that you make the most of your square footage. Since most buying decisions are made at the point of purchase, your top three factors are: location, store, and display design, which will determine whether or not your products are recognized and your efforts will secure ROI.

Belt & Buckle Display

For more information about our production and design services, please visit our website at  Please visit or call us at 815-464-9715.

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