Displaying our value of Father’s Day.

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Did you know that it took Father’s Day over 60 years to reach nationwide recognition, after it was first established in 1910? 

The concept of Father’s Day was actually inspired by a Washington native, Sonora Smart, Dodd, whose father had become a widower and took on the responsibility of raising his six children by himself.   With this young lady’s successful outreach by word-of-mouth to local churches, the YMCA, shopkeepers, and government officials, Father’s Day was celebrated statewide in Washington on July 19, 1910.  It wasn’t until 1972 when Father’s Day was proclaimed a federal holiday by President Richard Nixon.


Sonora Smart Dodd and her father, 1882.

Though the initial thought of Father’s Day was mocked by fathers, themselves, for associating them with such a “sentimental” holiday, it has truly grown into its meaning and significance of all that fatherhood is.  The role of fatherhood has grown so much over the years, defining the meaning of what it is to be a dad so much more than what it used to be (i.e. the breadwinner and the one that refuses to ask for directions when needed!). 

This Father’s Day, everyone here at Sharn Enterprises wishes all the fathers, patriarch influences, our late fathers and their families a wonderful Father’s Day!


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