Vacation Unplugged

Summer is among us now and we can be guaranteed a solid few months of sun-kissed weather. With the vacation time given to us, many of us can’t seem to leave our work behind! According to an article in Resorts 360 Closers, “A Westins Hotels survey found that 64% of Americans have canceled a vacation due to work worries…” (Mills, 2011).


How many times have we felt obligated to work out of the house or on our own vacation with the anxiety that we’ll never catch up? The ease of checking your email, sending texts, and making phone calls can all be viewed as crucial, but think about it. What’s the worst that would happen if all of these devices were turned off for a week or two? Sure, things get pushed back for a little bit. But let’s face it, you’re only human, and you’re burnt out! Here’s only a handful of what waits for you once you leave your iPhone, i Pad, laptop, etc. behind. Are you ready? It’s all pretty beneficial!

1. Your brain is tired and worn. Taking time off will rejuvenate your mind’s wear-and-tear and ease your hard-driven attitude and expectations. You’re burnt out. It’s time to heal!
2. Getting away from work will allow your mind to refocus and allow you to gain a new perspective on your work. When we are too emerged in our work, we tend to become immune to the every-day routine, glazing over any new ideas that normally come our way.
3. Getting away from your work family gives you a chance to take a breather and appreciate them more when you come back. Taking time with your real family allows you to spend some much-needed quality time that isn’t always given.
4. It’s so important to exercise the healthy balance between work and family. While some might look at quality time as slacking instead of working, realize that family and friends are a significant aspect for a healthy life balance, and is even more crucial in life than work.
5. When you’re on your phone during vacation (or anywhere), you’re not really in the moment. Sure, you’re physically there, but mentally you’re there and wherever else the person on the other end of the phone is. Put the device down and enjoy the simple pleasure of a moment. It’s a beautiful thing!


So, what do you say? Whether it’s a couple of days or weeks, stepping out of the cubicle for some much needed R&R is vital for you in so many ways! And once you do get away, cut the cord from technology and keep away from the blackberry!

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