Why work with Sharn?

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As a manufacturing company, we know firsthand that you have other options to go with when it comes to advertising your products.  So, why work with Sharn Enterprises?  What sets us apart from the rest?

1. You can count on our 39 years of reliable, efficient, and timely service.
2. Since everything is manufactured “under one roof,” we are able to closely control both our quality and our pricing to you. We’re a custom and diligent manufacturing business, and a proud American manufacturer!
3. We provide free custom design assistance. That’s just one of the benefits of dealing with our customer friendly staff.
4. Since we are privately owned, we have unique flexibility on everything, ranging from the scheduling of small to large orders, pricing, and customer terms.
5. And, finally the biggest reason; we want to do business with you!

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Women’s Suffrage – A historic anniversary!

women_voteNinety-three years ago on August 26th, the 19th Amendment was passed in to law allowing women the right to vote.

Women really began pushing for proper recognition after the Seneca Falls Convention, which was a women’s rights convention held in 1848.

After the 15th Amendment was passed in 1869, which prohibits Government from denying a citizen the right to vote based on race, suffragists Lucy Stone and Julia Ward Howe were confident that women would be given their own opportunity. As a result of the 15th Amendment becoming law, two organizations were formed.

The National Women Suffrage Association, which worked to get more institutional changes and federal power, (such as property rights to married women) were run by Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. The second organization was formed by feminist Lucy Stone called the American Woman Suffrage Association. This organization worked to keep the 15th Amendment afloat in hopes to make headway for women’s right to vote. The two organizations decided to join both organizations into one entitled the National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA).


As time went on, the first group of women suffragists was coming out of the movement due to advancing age, but younger women confidently and persistently filled their places. In 1915, a woman by the name of Carrie Chapman Catt became the NAWSA president, while suffragist Alice Paul organized and led mass marches and hunger strikes. This group’s hard work and determination paid off. On August 26th 1920, women were given the right to vote in the creation of the 19th Amendment (Scholastic, 2013).

These hard-driven feminists, and many others who have had the courage to follow them, have paved the way for America’s women to take a stance and have the opportunity to act on it. All votes are created equal, and we have all the historic & heroic female suffragists to thank for giving us the gift that is easily overlooked today. We here at Sharn Enterprises wanted to take the time to recognize this monumental event. This movement has also made it possible for women to possess their own businesses, including this very company.


While much progress has been made for women today, there’s still work to be done. Wage gaps are alive and well in the United States, allowing the average female to make around 20% less than the average male (C. Rampell, New York Times, 2010). Though we’re still a work in progress, this is only more opportunity for ambitious women of today to fight for equality.

Sharn Enterprises, Inc.
“A proud American Manufacturer”

Custom vs. Stock

SignagePostcard-MailerSide0212Your brand is the best, right? You’ve invested a lot of time, effort, and money in building your brand. So when you’re finally ready to market, you need to decide which approach best suits your particular brand. Which approach will get your products noticed, and more importantly — SOLD?
Custom displays vs. stock displays… which is the best decision for your unique brand? Sure, it would be easy to order a pre-made display and hope that one size fits all, but how many times has that worked for any of us in the past? Not many.

Here at Sharn Enterprises, we believe custom made point of purchase displays are the answer. Here’s why:

1. Product Differentiation: When Sharn Enterprises designs a custom display for you, it is unique and sets your products apart. It emphasizes the unique image that you have created for your brand. In short, it gets your product noticed!

07.1 Clothing & Accessory Fixture TP0213P_2SdRotatingBook

2. Foot print: As you know, floor space is “gold” to both you and your retailer. A custom display is designed around your specific product; its size, packaging, and the quantities to be offered. It also can include a modular concept, so that as your sales increase you can simply just add the modular piece (which saves you from replacing the entire unit when it needs updating).

CD0313P_LipBalm Watch display

3. Brand Presence: When using a permanent display, you have gained a valuable foot hold within the store itself. Conversely, when you order a stock display, it’s fairly easy for a competitor to take over your space by simply replacing your logo or signage. You’ve lost your valuable retail position… and unfortunately several sales.

MF0513P_WalletShelf-OnFixture WE0611F_11089_BJsGrid_WEST-BJS

Shopping is a visual event, and you want to engage in the shopper quickly, create interest in your product, and have them put it in their shopping cart before something else grabs their attention.

When you step into any store, your brain is involuntarily over-consumed by hundreds to thousands of products. Some people (like me) have my trip to a store all mapped out, with the intention to get in, get what I need, and get out. Then there are others (such as my wife) who often go to the store with a similar plan, only to change her plan once something of interest catches her eye!

A custom-made product display designed and manufactured by Sharn Enterprises, Inc. will get your products noticed! That’s what our customers have been saying for 39 years, now. Contact us for details by calling 815.464.9715 or visiting us on our website at http://www.sharndisplays.com.

Roger Wandersee


“A proud American manufacturer”