Holiday Roll-Outs!

ISXYIE     The holiday season is quickly approaching, and it is extremely important for you and your company’s bottom line.  For many companies, it’s the difference between having a mediocre year and having a great year!

    With just a couple of months to go before your products need to be on the retail floor, you may be running out of time!  You will certainly be cutting it close if you’re trying to work with product designs, prototypes, and pricing from a foreign vendor some thousands of miles away.

     We here at Sharn Enterprises want to help you deliver your holiday products on time.  With our quick response time, and American made quality & service, we can even help you get that “extra order” in, the one that will help make this year even more of a success for your company!

Located in our 26,000 sq. ft. facility in Frankfort, Illinois, our teams of professional designers & engineers hold the skill and ability to work with you to quickly and efficiently design, prototype, and deliver that important “extra” holiday order to you.  This way, your products are in the store, properly displayed,  and ready for your customers before “Black Friday”.

Our customer-driven staff sets the standard for personalized service, creative solutions, and unique flexibility, all at an affordable price.  For more information,

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Happy Labor Day!

I don’t think there’s any other national holiday that relates to the majority of the American population as much as Labor Day. This holiday falls on September 2nd this year, and is meant to be celebrated and honoring the economic and social contribution of workers in our country.

labordayThe first Labor Day was held in 1882 when the Central Labor Union wanted a day to celebrate and acknowledge their hard work. Becoming a federal holiday in 1894, this day was intended to hold a huge street parade for union workers and labor organizations. A festival was then thrown for the workers’ and their families’ entertainment.

Unfortunately, this holiday has turned into anything besides what it was founded for. Today, instead of all workers receiving the day free from labor on Labor Day, most employees in retail are forced to work due to the creation of the biggest blowout sales of the year. Like Memorial Day and its celebration for summer break, Labor Day is more commonly known as the “back to school” weekend that must be spent absorbing all the sales before the kids are back on schedule and everyone’s back to their normal regimen.

Although this is may be the case, we hope that some time is taken out of the day to honor each other from all working relationships. Without everyone working together and diligently on their work ethic, this country would not be the same.

labor day

Whether you’re working this Labor Day, or have the day off, we here at Sharn wanted to wish everyone a happy and well-deserved holiday. We will be closed!

Sharn Enterprises, Inc.

“A proud American manufacturer”