“Can’t we all get along?”

As October 17th gets closer, many of us are worried about the continuing budget battle between President Obama and the Congress.  Will Congress vote to raise the debt ceiling?  Or, maybe some people’s efforts to try to de fund “Obama Care” will lead to a Presidential veto of the Continuing Budget resolution?   — Will the USA for the first time in our history default on our debts? Congress-2-1024x768 

And, what happens if the Government shutdown and debt ceiling issues are not worked out by October 17th?  Well, Medicare payments probably won’t go out; many essential government services such as the Veterans administration will continue to be furloughed at least for a few days.  Once again the Credit rating of the United States of America will at least get a black eye, or worse!

I would like to quote Rodney King who once said; “Can’t we all get along? “  Mr. King made that infamous comment during the California riots several years ago, when people were fighting and the situation seemed totally out of control.  But, now here in 2013, our political system seems out of control. So I couldn’t agree with him more. women-shaking-hands1

I am President of Sharn Enterprises; a Midwest based company that makes product displays.  Guess what?  I have to compromise every day.  Each day, I need to compromise with vendors, employees, and our customers (not to mention my wife).  That’s what a successful business does.  All of you other business owners out there know that this is true.  If I chose to operate only in my own self-interest, as so many politicians do, I may last for a while, but eventually I would ruin a successful business.  And that is exactly what many of our elected leaders are doing to us today.  Many (not all) are operating in their own self interest.  Looking at only what will either keep them in office, or boost their personal resume for their next job as a lobbyist.  That continued behavior over a long period of time will not be good for our Country, and certainly not for our children and grand children.

So, I urge each one of you reading this to make your feelings known, any way you can.  Call, write, e-mail, or whatever way you choose to contact your representative, or the White House, and tell them that we want the Government opened up again, and we want thoughtful, fair management of our budget and spending. Intelligent, patriotic people should be able to find a way to compromise not only on this budget process, but also on other important issues facing us like Gun control, illegal immigration, and so many others.    We are all Americans, and we are in this together, no matter what our individual self interests might be.


Roger Wandersee

Sharn Enterprises, Inc.

“A proud American Manufacturer”