Small Business Saturday

We are all very familiar with “Black Friday” (and what some are now considering “Black Thursday”) and “Cyber Monday”, but we must not forget about Small Business Saturday.

Small Business Saturday was first observed on November 27, 2010.  This shopping holiday is celebrated every year since on the Saturday following Thanksgiving.  Small Business Saturday is sponsored by SBA, Small Business Administration, which was created in 1953 as an independent agency of federal government to aid, counsel, assist, and protect the interest of small businesses.  The holiday was first promoted by American Express in 2010 by radio and television advertising campaigns with focus to encourage shoppers to patronize brick and mortar businesses that are small and local.  The major way American Express became so successful with publicizing Small Business Saturday was through the use of social media, advertising, and public relations.

Here at Sharn Enterprises, Inc.  We strongly support Small Business Saturday.  We feel that it is very important to help local business gain a profit to keep the town in strong financial upscale.  As we know from an internal perspective, being an American manufacturer company, Small Business Saturday helps to keep the economy in a strong financial upscale as well.

So, while you are out shopping after your festivities on Thanksgiving, make sure to save enough energy to go back out to all your local retailers on Saturday!  From everyone here at Sharn Enterprises have a safe and joyful shopping experience.

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