Trends in Retail for 2014

As the Holiday shopping season is well underway, we at Sharn Enterprises are already looking forward to some of the new (an old) trends that you

 will see in stores during 2014.

  1. Smart technology.  Some retailers are using very sophisticated technology to track our movements within their stores.  They may analyze our movements, or what we stop and look at through tracking devices like our cell phones, or face scanners in an effort to check our gender, age, and preferences.  The WI Fi signal that your phone sends out allows retailers to track your movements if they wish within 10 feet.  These measures are not intended to be like “Big brother”, but rather to personally appeal to you as their customer.  However all of the automation that we see now and in the future, can never replace the One on One knowledge that your sales people can bring to your customer.
  2. The visual presentation within any store is always important.  It’s obviously important to keep your environment fresh and clean.  Also more attractive signage is what we are seeing in the future.  This signage helps to “mark your space and your brand” You have spent a lot of time effort and money to acquire that Brand name, and consumers still seek out specific brands to purchase, so be proud of your brand, and “Mark your territory”.
  3. Trends in 2014 continue to focus on marketing lifestyle, with great photography, lighting, and merchandising.  People are more conscious of design, and they expect to be impressed by your product presentation.  One of your ongoing challenges in 2014 is to maximize the amount of your product that can fit in the space that your retailer is giving you.  One standard display to fit all of your programs simply does not work, and negatively affects your return on investment.  Your product is unique, your presentation also needs to be unique.
  4.  Offer a solutionMany people are like me when it comes to buying things like clothing, etc.  “What does go together”  I don’t always do a good job of matching a particular color of shirt with a patterned  tie, so I prefer to see compatible products already put together, and many of your customers feel the same way.  In this case, the shirt ought to be in very close proximity to the tie.  (You get the idea)  So offer a solution by placing all of your compatible products in close proximity to one another.  This often means working directly with the department manager or other licensees.  Each of you will benefit from this!


  1. Professional Designers.  We here at Sharn Enterprises have some of the best designers in the display industry.  We keep up with the latest marketing trends, materials, and product licenses.  Our Designers can give you all of the professional help that you need to create that 2014 product display that will get your products noticed, and more importantly SOLD!

For more information on our products and services, please visit our website at WWW.sharndisplays, or check out our latest video at: Background


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