Key to Creativity


Creativity is Another Word for Sharn

 Today’s shoppers have the power to shop wherever they wish. The introduction of online shopping has become a convenient treat for most shoppers while hurting many businesses and their profit. People have the need or desire to shop in traditional retail environments, which is why they still exist, but because there are so many out there it is up to the business owner to draw them in with a successful and creative marketing plan.

Shoppers are always looking for great products, but so much more goes into the buying decision. The look, feel and atmosphere of the retail environment help compel the buyer. It’s survival of the fittest; the stores that are most successful in attracting buyers win. Ultimately, that all boils down to creativity and execution. A creative idea sticks out and increases the likelihood that a shopper will recall information about your larger marketing campaign, interact with your product in-store and, ultimately, put your product in his or her basket.

“The key to attracting buyers is having a well-designed display.”

Sharn Enterprises, Inc. has gained a lot of knowledge from consumer trends and experience, over the last 37 years, and continues to learn and grow. Although things change over the years they say that one thing stays the same, “a brilliant creative idea often doesn’t cost any more than a dull one, and it can bring in considerably more return for your money.” In other words, while shelves are filled with “screaming” products that demand the shopper’s attention, what proves to be most effective is simplicity in design.

We here at Sharn Enterprises are gladly willing to assist clients in making their design ideas come to life. Our in-house design team will collaborate with you to create eye-catching displays that achieve the desired effect while extending the brand and increasing your sales. We work with the latest AutoCAD software and can provide 2D and 3D concept drawings, as well as, digital prototypes to ensure the product works even before it is built. Our full service design and production team has the ability, resources and experience to transform concepts to reality while considering price, function and appearance. We develop products for a wide variety of applications, including: acrylic, metal, wood, and corrugated.

“When you partner with Sharn Enterprises you never have to worry about the details… that’s what we do.”

For more information, please contact:

Sharn Enterprises, Inc.

22749 Citation Road

Frankfort, IL 60423

(815) 464-9715

 Click on the link below to check out our latest video

X gamesSteel Belt & Wallet Fixture


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