Foreign Imports, a Cause for Concern?

Many of you rely on imports for your various products, including your “Point of Purchase Displays”.  During the last few months, did these foreign suppliers meet all of your quality and service requirements, or did they leave you frustrated, disappointed, and cash poor?  Are you now stuck with additional inventory that you had to order to meet container minimums?

In today’s “just – in – time” world, long lead times and transportation delays  could mean that your products may not arrive in time to meet your customers in store, required delivery date.

Sharn Enterprises – Display products made exclusively in  —-   AMERICA!

american flag

Sharn Enterprises is a domestic manufacturer of point of purchase products.  We have been in business for over 38 years.  In this time of uncertainty, your customers want to be able to rely on good old fashion American quality, reliability, and service.   Don’t you?

As Sharn’s customer, we want to help you reduce your overall costs.  Don’t order more than you need, just to fill a container, or to comply with someone’s minimum order.  Sharn gladly accepts smaller type orders.  We also offer you regular credit terms, so you don’t have to pay for all of your products in advance, or based only on a sample that you approved over 10 weeks ago.

At Sharn, you can speak locally to us, not to some machine, or to a call center overseas. Our lead time is much quicker, our American quality better, and your shipping costs will also be much lower!

Call us at 815 464 9715, or email me at

 you can also visit our website at

or check out our latest video at for more information



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