Music and Video, Beneficial or Harmful to Business?

Loud-Speakers-PersonThink about the last time you were out to eat at a restaurant, stopped at a gas pump,  or walking through a shopping mall.  Ever pay attention to all the music and videos going on around you?  This is a major issue that many restaurant owners and retailers are dealing with today.  Is the music and video advertisement being played beneficial to the establishment or more harmful than anything?  It really boils down to the individual consumer.

annoying advertisements

In my personal opinion, the music and video do not bother me as long as it is kept within reason.  I am sure that I can speak for everyone, or most everyone, that when you are out dining at a restaurant, your main focus is the person or people you are with.  If the restaurant has their music blaring, it may be hard for you to fully converse with the people around you.  If a restaurant does have their music up too loud, then this could in turn cause the customer to not want to dine at that restaurant anymore.  Also, with “word of mouth” being so dominant in today’s society, this could cause for negative reviews for the restaurant.  Yes, if music is playing, the restaurant just needs to make sure that the music is kept at a reasonable level and keep the music variety appealing to all ages and ethnicities.

When it comes to the shopping experience, it gets a little trickier.  I have personally been passed stores in the mall that have their music at an outrageous level, which causes me to not even want to walk into the store.  This has me to believe that the store is targeting a younger consumer range.  Now, I am a younger person, imagine an older  person doing some holiday shopping.  That store has the potential of getting an older age group to come shop at their store, but the music may send them away.  Then there are department stores that try to appeal to all age groups by playing different music in each department.  I personally find this to be more distracting than anything else.  When you are walking down the aisle, you can hear multiple songs playing at the same time and it takes away from my concentration on shopping.  On the other side, the right music, can in fact boost the shopper’s mood and make for a more pleasant shopping experience.  When used effectively this can draw in the customer and make them want to shop in the store even longer.

gas stationWe are also starting to see video advertisements being played at the gas pump.  Personally, I find these to be distracting.  When I am pumping gas, I pay attention to how much money I am putting into my car, with these advertisements, I become distracted and I end up spending more money than I had intended.  This is good for the gas station, but bad for me and now I’m less like to go back to that gas station.  However, if the video is showing weather conditions, this could be beneficial for the consumer, making them aware of what potential conditions they may endure on their travel.

Here at Sharn Enterprises, Inc., we can equip your merchandise display with both audio and video, but highly encourage each of our customers to not only consider the positive impact, but also the potential negative impact of video or music, as well.

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