Moving Manufacturing Closer to Home

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Made in America” A slogan once proudly proclaimed by U.S. Manufacturers is now making a comeback.  One reason for this increase in popularity is the growing preference for business’s to bring back manufacturing to the United States; where your production can be closer to key suppliers, product designers, quality control,  and of course the ultimate customer,  who’s expectation for faster time to market continues to grow.

This “Made in America” strategy offers American companies many economical and logistical advantages.  For example, United States unemployment is relieving pressure on factory owners to increase wages, which helps to make United States labor costs more competitive.  Falling energy costs here play a role as well.  Our inexpensive natural gas abundance helps keep prices down and powers our factories more efficiently.

Overseas shipping costs continue to rise, while quality control and protection of intellectual property can be harder to maintain when manufacturing overseas.  As the costs of doing business in China and other countries increases many United States companies are once again looking to “Near Shoring” their manufacturing and turning to American companies, like Sharn Enterprises, to help them reduce their lead times and overall costs, while at the same time maintaining their strict quality and service standards.

As Sharn’s customer, we will help you reduce your overall costs.  Don’t order more than you need, just to fill a container.  Do not be concerned if your order is not large, here at Sharn, we also accept smaller orders.  We offer regular credit terms, so you don’t have to pay for all of your products prior to them shipping from a foreign country.

At Sharn, you can speak locally to us, not to some machine, or a call center overseas. Our lead time is much quicker, our American quality makes it better, and your shipping costs will be much lower!

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