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Sharn Enterprises manufactures “Point of purchase” displays that are used in the retail industry.  We have a lot of competitors out there, but most of them are “Johnny one notes”, meaning that they specialize in let’s say acrylic displays only, or maybe their niche is metal displays, fewer yet make wood displays.  What Makes Sharn Enterprises different from the rest is that we routinely use all three of these materials in any display that you may want.  The choice or combination of materials is strictly up to you.

We realize that different customers have different brands and preferences.  Our goal is to give you the best value, product and service for your next retail sale.

Maybe you are in doubt about what materials would work best for your next project.  Our Professional Designers are here to help you!  First I wanted to show you some of the benefits of each of the materials that we use.


There is an inherent beauty to wood; it comes in all different varieties and finishes.  Nothing matches wood in terms of its versatility and beauty.  People have a fascination with natural wood, because in addition to its beauty, it’s also very practical in terms of its durability and strength.  Different types of wood are also known to change the appearance and even color depending on the different angles of viewing and the way the light hits the surface of the wood.

Wood can be “finished” in many different ways.  Everything from just sanding and clear coating it to the hundreds of different stains that are currently available.  Using some of these finishing methods can even allow you to take an inexpensive piece of pine wood, and transform it into a rich oak wood finish.

One cautionary note about imported wood from other countries such as China.  Most of that imported wood is governed by the U. S. Department of agriculture and must undergo certain tests to assure its compliance to United States standards.

For those of you (like me) who are very price conscious, it’s certainly worth mentioning that most of the laminate and melamine manufacturers are also able to produce extremely close matches to almost all of the popular types of natural wood.  Consider substituting those in certain applications especially when your budget is tight.




Acrylic has excellent optical properties and is more resistant to impact than glass.  Many acrylics are fairly resistant to abrasion as well.   Most acrylic comes in a wide variety of sizes, colors, shapes and thickness.  These can range from clear acrylic to tinted, bronzed, fluorescent, frosted or colored acrylic.  If you can’t find the exact color you want in stock, acrylic can be easily painted to your exact color match.   Acrylic is strong, (some even bullet proof) smooth, light weight, bends easily, and excellent to work with.  Products made from acrylic have a long life, very good light transmission, and are easy to clean.

Acrylic tends to fluctuate in price more than wood or metal, but is often a good alternative when price is the deciding factor of your finished product.

A foreign import of acrylic is sometimes a consideration, however imports are not a good resource if you need to work closely with your vendor, or require a prototype.  Understanding and priority of your project combined with language issues can sometimes also be a problem.  Consideration of your order size and lead time frame should also be taken into account if you are considering imports.




We all know that metal is strong, lasts for a very long time, and can be as light or heavy as you need it to be.  Often we make displays for fine jewelry out of metal.  They need to be delicate and attractive and our designers know just the right look.  At the same time, we make industrial bins used in the automotive industry that are heavy and long-lasting even though they take a lot of abuse in an automotive factory.  It all depends on the type of metal you require for your specific job.  Metal lasts longer than the same product made of wood, however it is subject to rusting after several years of exposure to various elements.

It’s really important to select the right metal finish for your product.  In addition to providing the decorative appeal that you’re looking for, a proper finish prevents tarnishing and rust, while at the same time increases the durability of your product.  You have a lot of options when it comes to “finishing” metal.  Here in our plant, the two most common finishes are a decorative powder coat or chrome finish.  Powder coats come in a wide variety of colors, and there are several different chrome applications available to give you the exact finish you require.  Among some other less common finishes Sharn did last year were “Patina, Ornamental Rust, and Brushed Metal” They all turned out great!

As I indicated in my comments about wood and acrylic, here again there can be legitimate concerns about the quality and make up of imported steel.  You need to take particular care that UN proven, untested inferior steel is not imported for your particular product.  You don’t have that same concern when you work with Sharn Enterprises, because all of our steel is brought in from plants within the United States.  “Good old American quality”.


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