The REAL Value of your Employees

top employees

Have you stopped recently and really considered the actual cost/benefit of your employees?  We all tend to be really busy these days. I’ll bet you know within a couple of dollars how much profit you made last year.  I’ll bet you know how much inventory you have on hand right now; but do you actually know the true worth of your employees?


In Steve Job’s autobiography he explained that he only wanted “A” type employees, he wouldn’t tolerate any “B” players.  Apparently he was a pretty tough guy to work for.  As a practical matter, not all of us adhere to those same standards.  Often we grow comfortable with each of our employees, both the “A” as well as the “C” employees!


In most small companies the cost of employee’s salary and benefits is the second or third highest cost for the company. So what happens to your bottom line when you tolerate that “One bad apple”?  Well, speaking from experience, it can be a lot.  About a year ago, we lost one of those “Bad Apples”. This fellow had been with us for a few years, hired by my predecessor.  His production was standard in nature, but his attitude and attendance was not good.  It wasn’t until he left the company that we truly understood the effects of his negative influence on other people here.  After he was gone, productivity in his group improved, people in his work group had a better attitude towards their own job and the Company.  Quality remained high, and this was all because his negative influence and the peer pressure he had used is finally gone.

Now on the other hand, we are blessed to have a number of very skilled, long-term and dedicated people on our staff.  These people don’t waste their time, or you’re money.  They are the folks who quietly and efficiently go about doing their own job and contributing to the company’s bottom line. These are the folks that make you profitable!

young worker


We are also fortunate to be a growing and expanding company which has recently been attracting younger and better educated people to our work force.  These people bring excitement, energy, and enthusiasm to our company.  Something that the older folks, like me, appreciates very much.

So, my conclusion is that, a well-trained, dedicated and experienced work force requires us to treat them fairly, with respect, and to value them every bit as much as we do  all of our other major business assets.  They are worth their weight in gold, but don’t ever be afraid to throw out that one “bad penny” your work life will be much easier and more profitable without him.

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