Shopping Habits; Men vs. Women

men and women shoppers

Have you ever been at a shopping center and really examined the habits of a man and woman couple shopping together?  Being the “people watcher” type of person I am, I have examined these habits.  It seems as though the male is more of the “get in, get what you need, and get out” type of shopper.  Whereas, the female, seems to be more of a browser and compares the price value of different items.  But is this the same for all situations? 

women shopper

In a recent article written by Lauren Mitchell titled, “Are Men Shopping Like Women?” in the February 2014 issue of design: retail, she studied different groups of males to solve this question.  Mitchell found that today’s man is more engaged and shopping smarter than retailers may be giving him credit for.  Mitchell surveyed three different age ranges of men, the millennials, Gen Xers, and Boomers.  What she found was that the millennials tend to be more tech-savvy shoppers, with a whopping 67% use their phones to shop.  Mitchell also found that, men rely on product reviews, with 58% saying that they are ready to make a purchase after reading reviews.  In conclusion, Mitchell found that, younger men seem to be driving this evolution in shopping behavior.  Considering the fact that the Gen Xers and Millennial men now represent more than half of the male population, retailers and brands need to make sure to pay extra attention to how these men shop.  As I stated before, I tend to be a “people watcher”, what I observe may not necessarily agree or disagree with the facts that Mitchell recorded, one thing is for sure, men do a lot of the shopping as well as women.  In order for a retail business to maintain success, they must focus on both women’s as well as men’s shopping habits.

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