Survival of the Fittest: Battle to be the BEST!


As a consumer, think back to any sales representative that you have ever encountered.  Think about both the good and bad experiences you have had.  What qualities do you really search for in your sales representative that will keep you coming back to them for future purchases?


In a recent article by Jeffrey Gitomer, titled, “Mirror mirror on the wall, are you the best of all?” he takes a deeper look into what it means to be the best sales representative you can be.  Success cannot simply be measured by means of dollars; it has to also be measured by the amount of loyalty between the consumer and the sales representative.  The sales representative cannot be “in your face” at all times, but also has to be sure to maintain some sort of regular contact.  The Sales Rep has to put the customer’s needs before their own financial needs and shouldn’t be fixated on meeting their  sales quota.

Trust is also a huge factor in any form of relationship you may develop throughout life, whether it is business or personal.  Trust is something that takes days, months, even years to build up,  but in just seconds can be destroyed.  In order to have a strong relationship with your customer, you must maintain that level of trust.  One way to do so is to be accessible and available to your customer and always tell the truth no matter what the situation is.  Make sure to maintain a high level of expertise of your specific product and market in order to increase that level of trust.  It is important to always remember that it is the customer not the sale that is most important. Stay loyal to that customer and put them before the sale.


Over the past 38 years, we here at Sharn Enterprises have upheld a strong customer satisfaction rate due to our understanding of the importance of the customer’s needs and desires. What Gitomer has used as examples to become a successful sales representative, we here at Sharn Enterprises have been practicing for all of these years.  Come and check us out, you will be happy you did!

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