St. Patrick’s Day

st patricks day

It is going to be that time of year again where millions of Americans dress in the craziest of crazy outfits.  They will get all decked out in green and flood the streets in celebration.  Green beers will be served with corn beef and hash, with Irish bag pipes filling the air around us.  Yep, we are talking about St. Patrick’s Day!

St.Patrick’s Day began as a religious feast day for the patron saint of Ireland and has now become an international festival celebrating the Irish culture with parades, dancing, special foods and a whole lot of green.  St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated every year on March 17th by millions of people nationwide, even though it is not a legal holiday anywhere in the United States, it is still recognized.  On this day, the 34.7 million U.S. residents with Irish ancestry, and those others that just act like they’re Irish, go out and celebrate the heritage in what other way but drinking, eating, and all other festivities.

chicago river

Here in Chicago, we have our own special traditions to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day such as the South Side Irish parade and the dying of the Chicago River.  Mike Butler and his crew dye the Chicago River the true Irish Green.  The dying of the Chicago River is something magically all on its own.  You see, the dye actually appears orange when first put into the water, and then with the help of the sneaky leprechaun, it turns to its true Irish Green.  Many other cities have attempted this, but none have been a success.  This is probably due to the theory that the road from Chicago to Ireland is marked green!  Once the Chicago River is dyed, you can see the green travel from the Chicago River to the Illinois River, then to the Mississippi, up the Gulf Stream and across the Atlantic you see the beautiful green enter into the Irish Sea, clearly marking the way from Chicago to Ireland.  This year the dying of the Chicago River is set for Sunday, March 16, 2014 at 10:00 a.m., hopefully you will get a special glimpse of the leprechaun working its magic.

So, however you will be celebrating your St. Patrick’s Day, from us here at Sharn Enterprises we hope that it is a fun and safe one.  Also, we remind everyone to wear that Irish Green to avoid being pinched!

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