April Fool’s Day

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It is about to be that time of year again.  The day that most prankers and jokers spend all year counting down till, plotting and planning ideas to top the previous year.  The day that everyone else dreads.  That day in April where all cards are on the table, no door is safe to open, every statement made is followed by curiosity in the truth behind it.  Yes, I am talking April fool’s Day!

April fool’s day falls every year on the first day in April.  No one is really sure how exactly April fool’s Day came about, but people sure have fun making speculations.  The most popular theory is that France changed its calendar in the 1500s so the New Year would begin in January to match the Roman calendar instead of beginning at the start of spring, in the early or late April.  This change traveled slowly and many people in rural areas continued the New Year in the spring.  These people became known as “April Fools”.  So, why is it then that on the first of April we all decide to play pranks on one another?  Is it just that we all get so bored being dull and living in the same routine everyday that are ancestors sat around and decided that we needed one day a year that we are allowed to let loose, mess around, and play pranks on each other?  That is my guess to how this day came about.

april fools dayWhen it comes to picking which joke you wish to play, you must choose wisely!  Sure you could always stick with the good old fashion “kick me sign” on someone’s back, but why not spice it up a little bit.  Prank your room-mate or significant other by replacing their deodorant with cream cheese.  Why not try clear cling wrapping the toilet seat.  If you’re looking to prank a bunch of random strangers, try changing the women and men’s restroom signs.  Out to get a bunch of strange, confused glares?  Try drinking blue Gatorade out of a Windex Bottle or eat vanilla yogurt out of a mayonnaise container!  If you have that one coworker that really irks you, this is the one time of year to really get back at them and they will think you are just joking around.  All you have to do is wrap everything on their desk in tin foil, or put their stapler in a jello mold, or better yet, put an air horn under their desk chair.

In the recent years however, the number of pranks in the home and office has decreased in the United States and has been replaced by large institutionalized media hoaxes.  Some of 10lelucon-whopperthe best media pranks to this day would have to be; Big Ben going digital, dead body of Loch Ness Monster found, or placing a stocking on your black and white television will make it colored television.  However, my favorite media hoax of all time was in 1998, when Burger King published a full-page advertisement in the USA Today promoting the “left handed” Whopper.  Burger King claimed that this Whopper had all the same ingredients; they were just rotated 180 degrees.  Thousands of people requested this “left handed” Whopper, but what makes it even funnier is that many other requested the “right handed” Whopper!

Time to gather up your Whoopee cushions, clown noses, silly string, and whatever other tricks you have up your sleeves because April 1st is approaching fast and it is always better to
be the pranker than the prankee!  Keep the pranks clean and the laughs loud!  From all of us here at Sharn Enterprises we wish everyone a fun April fool’s Day!

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