How Are Fireworks Made? (and other 4th of July thoughts…)


Most every American can agree that the Fourth of the July is one of the best holidays of the year.  Usually, the air is warm, the sun is out, and cool drinks are flowing. But in between barbeques and trips to the beach, the true meaning of the fourth of July sometimes gets forgotten.  We must remember what Independence Day means for us Americans.  It is a day to reflect on what it truly means to be free;  to remember those who have fallen and those who continue to fight for our freedom and one of the most important symbols of our freedom is the firework.

When looking up at the beautiful night sky mesmerized by fireworks, many thoughts might come into your head including, “Freedom, Independence, Beauty”

For myself, I am a little bit more scientific in thought (or as I would like to think I am)!

I want to know how this All-American symbol is constructed.  So when you either stand, sit, or lay down in the grass in awe of the beautiful night sky exploding with color, you will be able to answer this exact question… How are fireworks made?!


To start off, experts believe that fireworks originated in China over 1,000 years ago.  Still today, China is the largest manufacturer of the brilliant invention.  There are three types of fireworks; Fire-crackers, Sparklers, and Aerial Fireworks.

Firecrackers are simple rolled up paper tubes filled with black powder and a fuse.  When you light the fuse of a firecracker, the fire burns along that fuse until it reaches the powder. BOOM. Explosion.

Pretty simple, right?

Next, sparklers are different in that they make bright, sparkly light.  They contain more substances than a short explosion or firecracker. The bright sparks consist of burning bits of dust made of metals such as aluminum, iron, steel, zinc, or magnesium.  Kids, remember, these are not edible….

Aerial fireworks, in my opinion, are the best.  Usually, these are made up of four parts inside a shell.  The container, the fuse, the powder, and the stars.  The shells are then launched into the sky from short pipes filled with a lifting charge of black powder.  The lifting then lights the shell’s fuse and when the flame hits the shell.  The explosion pushes the stars in all directions, creating the spectacular display.

The colors are produced by carefully mixing the right kinds of chemical compounds.  For example, blue is made up of copper compounds.  And that’s your science lesson for today, folks.

Fireworks 14


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8 Tips for Starting A New Job


You just landed a new gig. The interview went smoothly, your two weeks notice is up at your former job, and its the Sunday before you start at your new job.  What is running through your head?

Anxiety, nervousness, excitement and anticipation might be some emotions you feel.  I am familiar with these emotions because I was in the above situation just last Sunday!  It is safe to say that starting a new job is intimidating, but it is what the professional world is all about. Even though a new job might be a reminder of what the first day at school is like, with these tips formed by myself during my first week here at Sharn Enterprises Inc, you will be comfortable at your desk in no time.

1. Make goals for yourself– After learning exactly what your employer is looking for, make goals involving either qualitative or quantitative data. For example, as the company’s main social media marketer, I set a goal that I will reach over 1,000 Twitter followers at the end of the summer. With specific goals in the back of my mind, I am able to stay focused and am constantly reminded that I am expected to meet a certain standard that I set for myself.
2. Be Nice– Introduce yourself to everyone in the office. If you see a new person during the week, go up to them and introduce yourself as well. Don’t assume everyone knows who you are. Ask questions to your co-workers and get a little background on them. After all, you will see them everyday!1361061_26986297
3. Stay Organized- A new desk means new places to put all your stuff. Ask your co-worker where to find the folders and make labels of what’s what. Don’t forget staying organized online as well. All digital files need a place to go- this was a mistake I made at my last gig. Leaving everything on the desktop leads to headache. Starting fresh gives you the opportunity to file manage at the get-go. You will thank yourself later!
4. Take Notes and Be Patient- Take notes on everything. This may differ from person to person, but writing lists and reminders in a notebook is an effective tool for me.  I feel a sense of relief when I am able to go back and double check something that I wrote in a note. Another important tip to remember is to be patient. You are taking these notes to learn and learning takes time. Be patient, you will get into a routine within a few weeks.
5. Enjoy lunch- Make sure you double check on your company’s lunch break policy. If you are given some time for a break, make sure you stretch, get up and even go for a ride. It is important for you to check out for a little to stay on task during the rest of your day. Also, make sure you eat something healthy… because we all know a candy bar just doesn’t cut it.
6. Listen & Observe- Listen to everyone with an open mind and observe your surroundings. Taking the time to listen isn’t just a “new job” tip… It is a life tip. Listening instead of talking shows that you are patient, open-minded, and caring.
1078874_659125257. Be on time, ALL THE TIME- This is the one tip I cannot stress enough. I have been raised that being early is being on time. No matter what the excuse, a new employer doesn’t have the time to hear it. Arrive on time or even a few minutes early to get settled in.  Make being on time a number one priority.
8. Challenge yourself- A new job is an opportunity to challenge yourself in ways you never thought you could. Set those high standards for yourself and exceed them.   Offer to help a co-worker, take on an important project, and never settle for “good enough.” A good challenge leads to better results in the future.
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Father’s Day Gift Guide


Back on July 10th, 1910, the governor of the U.S. state of Washington decided to proclaim the first ever “Father’s Day.”  However, it was not until Mother’s Day became a nationally recognized holiday that Father’s Day became official 58 years later.  Every third Sunday of June, families celebrate that special guy in their life and show their appreciation through actions as well as gifts.  Most fathers claim that they are easy to please, but on the inside, they would love a thoughtful gift.  That’s why we here at Sharn Enterprises have come up with a list of possible gift ideas for dad that will make his day special, while showing you some of our exceptional POP custom displays.


1. Golf Gear- Do you have a dad that loves to relax on the weekends by heading to the green?  Any dad who loves golf would appreciate a specialty club, some new golf balls, gloves, golf shirt, or even a golf towel.  These gifts would be a great idea for any dad who is active and has been itching to take a weekend getaway to the nearest golf course.





2. Leather Goods- Do you have a dad who is a working professional?  Does he like the finer things in life?  Then maybe your pops will like a new leather wallet or belt.  More practical than flashy, a fresh, new accessory will allow your dad to practice the saying, “out with the old, in with the new.”





3. Power Tools- A good gift for the handyman in your life would be a brand new power tool, which would make any father useful as well as appreciated.  This gift will hit all the bases, but just make sure your dad knows how to use them safely!


4. Watch displayWatches- Does your dad have trouble remembering schedules and being on time?  A new watch might be a good idea for a dad like likes
to be on trend, and might need a little extra help in the time department (Mom will thank you for this one!)


RW12-SDK with floor base june 2006

5.  Clothes– Does your dad like to hunt and fish?  Then a simple, go-to gift maybe some new clothes or gloves.  Head to the nearest department store and incorporate your dad’s personal style into your picks.  He will appreciate the thought as well as rock those clothes you picked out on his next big hunting trip.

The rack


6. Music Gear- Does your dad like to sing or have  jam sessions?  A dad with an ear for music might enjoy a new guitar, picks for his current guitar, speakers, or new headphones.  Not only will you bring out his creative side, you can enjoy the tunes together.

Cabo Wabo copy



7.  Spirits- Is your dad a connoisseur of fine wine and spirits?  Purchasing dad a nice bottle of his favorite alcoholic beverage might be  a nice idea for a dad who likes to take a load off and enjoy a drink on the deck.  (For those over 21, of course!)



No matter what category your dad fits into (sporty, classic, rugged, professional or musical) there is always a perfect gift out there for your father or grandfather.  We here at Sharn Enterprises encourage you to spend time with your family, especially your dad.  The jack-of-all-trades in your life deserves something that will make him smile and feel appreciated on that third Sunday in June.  Father’s Day 2014 is officially June 15, so start planning!

We hope you enjoyed seeing just a few samples of our custom displays and hope we can serve you in the future.

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