Father’s Day Gift Guide


Back on July 10th, 1910, the governor of the U.S. state of Washington decided to proclaim the first ever “Father’s Day.”  However, it was not until Mother’s Day became a nationally recognized holiday that Father’s Day became official 58 years later.  Every third Sunday of June, families celebrate that special guy in their life and show their appreciation through actions as well as gifts.  Most fathers claim that they are easy to please, but on the inside, they would love a thoughtful gift.  That’s why we here at Sharn Enterprises have come up with a list of possible gift ideas for dad that will make his day special, while showing you some of our exceptional POP custom displays.


1. Golf Gear- Do you have a dad that loves to relax on the weekends by heading to the green?  Any dad who loves golf would appreciate a specialty club, some new golf balls, gloves, golf shirt, or even a golf towel.  These gifts would be a great idea for any dad who is active and has been itching to take a weekend getaway to the nearest golf course.





2. Leather Goods- Do you have a dad who is a working professional?  Does he like the finer things in life?  Then maybe your pops will like a new leather wallet or belt.  More practical than flashy, a fresh, new accessory will allow your dad to practice the saying, “out with the old, in with the new.”





3. Power Tools- A good gift for the handyman in your life would be a brand new power tool, which would make any father useful as well as appreciated.  This gift will hit all the bases, but just make sure your dad knows how to use them safely!


4. Watch displayWatches- Does your dad have trouble remembering schedules and being on time?  A new watch might be a good idea for a dad like likes
to be on trend, and might need a little extra help in the time department (Mom will thank you for this one!)


RW12-SDK with floor base june 2006

5.  Clothes– Does your dad like to hunt and fish?  Then a simple, go-to gift maybe some new clothes or gloves.  Head to the nearest department store and incorporate your dad’s personal style into your picks.  He will appreciate the thought as well as rock those clothes you picked out on his next big hunting trip.

The rack


6. Music Gear- Does your dad like to sing or have  jam sessions?  A dad with an ear for music might enjoy a new guitar, picks for his current guitar, speakers, or new headphones.  Not only will you bring out his creative side, you can enjoy the tunes together.

Cabo Wabo copy



7.  Spirits- Is your dad a connoisseur of fine wine and spirits?  Purchasing dad a nice bottle of his favorite alcoholic beverage might be  a nice idea for a dad who likes to take a load off and enjoy a drink on the deck.  (For those over 21, of course!)



No matter what category your dad fits into (sporty, classic, rugged, professional or musical) there is always a perfect gift out there for your father or grandfather.  We here at Sharn Enterprises encourage you to spend time with your family, especially your dad.  The jack-of-all-trades in your life deserves something that will make him smile and feel appreciated on that third Sunday in June.  Father’s Day 2014 is officially June 15, so start planning!

We hope you enjoyed seeing just a few samples of our custom displays and hope we can serve you in the future.

For more information on our products and services be sure to check out our website at Sharn Displays.

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