2014 Trends in Men’s Accessories & Clothing

Here at Sharn Enterprises, Inc, we pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing custom point-of-purchase displays for a variety of vendors, clients, and businesses.  One area where we specialize in is the production of custom displays for men’s accessories.  From wallets and belts to cufflinks and watches, our clients love the fact that we can display their unique products in a way a customer’s attention is grabbed immediately!

To honor the fact that we display and advertise men’s products, we have complied a list of the top men’s accessories and clothing that are currently “on-trend” for the year 2014:

All pictures are linked to the source so you can buy the product if you really like it!

  1. Casual Watches- A watch that is not only simple, but can be worn daily.  Even though you may just use your phone to tell the time, a stylish watch can create an illusion that you still utilize its actual purpose.8bc07a15be72cf33b4318db576df79756c0b5ced11f5736a56f2c44e25b47ae1
  2. A Weekend Hat– Pick a hat, any hat!  This can be any variety of hat.   Many guys are wearing beanies, fedoras, snapbacks, as well as outback-jack sort of hats. Absolutely anything goes! Click here to check out a hat we love from Forever 21! 1aa01fb108567aaca5d3c378eb430b8f9f85b5b1aa98caf4d77dd672bb9f480abf6a5cc4ce09c347b180ff9042efa816
  3. Wild Dress Socks– This is for the professional guy that goes to work in a suit, but once he sits down, you can sneak-a-peek of a wild, printed sock. This shows that you are professional in the workplace, but have a good sense of humor outside of it. cef8ea72512fded63da1e4c585f0f15e11c5cc6add1a1cbf044c38b6f4592e61
  4. Skinny Casual Tie– Most guys that do have to get dressed up for a semi-casual event should try out the skinny tie trend!  This is an easy trend to try because skinny ties are in many stores and online!6b087fef0316e53614f5f4a46d8a4062
  5. “Bro” Tanks– Since it is the summer, the ‘bro tank’ is the go-to outfit with a pair of casual shorts. More for a day at the beach or out to lunch, this should not be worn to any formal event! a869b03694c2b4a2e07c5cf18c331bf28c655b8d72b889a285a37cdbc773fb1e
  6. Thick-Rimmed Sunglasses– Any sort of Ray Bans and thicker-rimmed sunglasses are all the rage because of their sturdiness and durability.  Make sure to have a few pairs of sunglasses that range in cost. Keep a few pairs for an activity-packed day and keep others to pair with your more upscale attire! 80770ca6d92959b1e9c6c56da65e4649ad0fca1565d9d9a82792e29540dadf0b
  7. Unique Cufflinks– These are a subtle way to show off your interests and hobbies.  Cheap and low-key, this style trend is definitely in.  The “Legen-Dary” pair of links is for the “How I Met Your Mother” fans out there.f7c8200929b5cff76e3e9bd15136b80dcaee026d94f33d033cd9ec664cfd37506b16f41e845dbf5a7702784d75dd4410
  8. Woven Belt– Not only does a belt keep you from sagging in all the wrong places, a woven belt is currently a style “do” according to Esquire magazine.  Of course, Esquire is always right!  Our favorite is the “Lobstah Chowdah.”aab73415a97049866580bd21376013831109e4bc452455c45e2865a7333b7eba
  9. Shaved-Sides Hair Cut- More of a look than an accessory, the slightly shaved side of the head and the longer top is what many guys are sporting during the summer months. 697c9284ccab04b54611bae7b41b62f9
  10. Textured Phone Cases- Phones need to be protected so why not protect them in style?  This half wood-half fabric hybrid would be an awesome addition to your smart phone bestie. c4c5a39b5891eae6a66d3622123e4fb2
  11. Printed or Bright Colored Shorts-  For the “Frat Guy” in all of us, bright colored shorts are the go-to summer BBQ attire. 21b21fa6f41f16b6556d190e67281f11
  12. Wild Short Sleeve Button Ups– For the more hipster guy, this one is tougher to pull off.  For a concert or a night out on the town, a patterned short sleeve button-up shows that this guy is one laid back and mellow.  Beware, this trend is not meant for all!4b48776f5bdef3ba4341145cd8f8c067

All of these amazing men’s accessories need an eye-catching way to be shown off… that’s where Sharn Enterprises, Inc comes in.  If you are a vendor of any of these products, an entrepreneur trying to start your business, or even an small business, make sure you check out Sharn Displays; we can help you with all of our custom display needs!


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Images via http://www.pinterest.com




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