Trade Shows for Small Businesses: Are They Worth It?

Are old-fashioned trade shows still worth the  investment for small businesses in this digital marketing and social media-focused world of today?  The answer is yes, and current statistics from the Center for Exhibition Industry Research show that attendance at trade shows has risen by 2% in 2013.  Once thought of as a possible dying breed of marketing, a small business owner should not dismiss the positive outcomes from attending an expo, convention, or trade show.


The positives outcomes heavily outweigh the negative, with business owners being able to make personal contacts, introduce fresh, exciting products and services to new clients, and scope out future trends in their niche.  President of Sharn Enterprises, Roger Wandersee, saw the return on his investment when he attended the “Luggage, Leather Goods, and Accessory Show” this past April.  He was able to forge long-lasting business relationships and gain new ventures in the market of Canada.  Designers Scott Sterchele and Stephanie Shostok attended the “Chicago Collective Fashion Trade Show” downtown on July 28th and were able to meet potential clients as well as reconnect with current customers.


Spotted! Our custom Bird Dog Bay display at Chicago Collective 2014.

Looking into the future, Sharn is going to be attending another trade show in Minneapolis called the “Shopper Marketing Conference and Expo.”   This show will include seminars, symposiums, networking sessions, creative merchandising solutions, a variety of vendors, and more.  The conference is taking place on October 21st-23rd and Sharn is already are registered as an exhibitor for booth #331.  If you are interested in attending this trade show, make sure you check out their website by clicking on the icon here.

Shopper marketing conference

After you sign up, make sure you come by Sharn’s booth to see new products and pick up some freebies.  The truth is, trade shows are making a comeback and we here at Sharn Enterprises realize that face-to-face interaction and genuine connections are priceless.



For more information about Sharn Enterprises, Inc make sure to check out or call 815-464-9715.

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