Back to School: Real World Experience Matters

For some of us, the start of a new school year is right around the corner.  It’s an exciting time and I am reminded of all the feelings I had associated before my first day of school for any given year.

The questions of, “What am I going to wear on my first day?”  “What will my teachers be like?”  “Will I have some friends in my classes?” in addition to countless other worries running through my head.

Back to School Road Sign

When it came to the actual learning aspect of schooling, though, I was excited for some things and loathed others.  It seemed like some of my classmates were just natural at going to school, and did not have any troubles succeeding.  In other cases, some of my classmates were not as enthralled in school as they maybe should have been.  As for me, I was right in the middle limbo of hating school and loving it.  This is where the educational divide comes in.

This imaginary line is drawn once high school is over, and it means that a student will need to choose whether to go off to college or delve directly into work. Sydney%20internship%20student%202

Nothing is wrong with either choice, but America needs both.  It seems as though the general work place has changed.  There’s more computer operated machinery and equipment, a higher level of math skills required, less inventory to work with and more “just in time” requirements set by customers.  With the higher expectations of employers, there comes more of a need for a higher level of education, either by a college or a trade school.

Sharn Enterprises recognizes that both experience and education are crucial in the evolving workplace of today.  By hiring different types of interns at Sharn Enterprises, a student benefits by gaining real world experience and also by getting credit for it at the same time.  We offer internships in the fields of marketing, accounting, computer-aided drawing (CAD), and welding.  By offering a variety of internships both for trade schools and universities, we can help mold a student’s education to help them succeed in the future, whatever their career choice might be.

trade schoolBy partnering with local schools, your business can help to mentor a student and boost their opportunity for success.  Our tax dollars pay for career services, job screening, work-related seminars etc., so why not utilize them?

What our country needs, if we are once again going to become a manufacturing giant, is a well-educated, well-rounded workforce.  A lot of that education comes from a classroom, but the most important part of learning comes from actually being on the job.

A formal college is not the only place where a student can flourish and grow.  Trade schools, licensing programs, and even on the job training is often the right formula for success.  Whatever your business, do yourself a favor and mentor a student!

Check out this educational infographic below:


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