Conquering MAGIC MARKET WEEK 2014

On Sunday, August 16th, Sharn Enterprises’s retail display designers headed out west to the one, the only, Las Vegas, Nevada.  Although Las Vegas is known for its gambling, in the world of retail, it is also known as the epicenter for fashion’s largest trade show, Magic Market Week.


The show has built quite a name for itself, starting humbly back in 1933 and going by the “Men’s Apparel Guild.”

After gaining major appeal, it is now held twice a year in both August and February at a convention center either on or off the strip, and is considered the most comprehensive forum for fashion buyers and brands.  This can be seen through the extensive variety of up and coming men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel, accessories, footwear and more.

Magic 1.1

In Sharn’s case, our staff attends the show in order to support the businesses for which we create custom point-of-purchase displays as well as meet possible new clients through networking and walking the show floor.

Magic fuels the world of retail, and Roger Wandersee, Designer and Account Manager at Sharn Enterprises, Inc, knows that visiting the trade show is a must for current and future business ventures.

“Magic is an experience that is not only informative, but so much fun.  With over 80,000 people and the opportunity to visit with so many customers, it’s truly an exhilarating adventure.”


Wandersee also gives due credit to Magic because he leaves inspired by new design ideas for retail displays after exploring the ten different curated shows within the entire Magic experience.

With more than $200 million dollars’ worth of orders written daily at the show, there is no doubt that Magic Market Week is the steam engine that plows right through the business of fashion.

For more information about our products and services, make sure to check out or call 815-464-9715.

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