11 Merchandising Tips to Get Your Products Sold

We here at Sharn Enterprises, Inc. design and manufacture custom point-of-purchase displays for retail environments. Because we deal with retail projects on a daily basis, we recognize that there are many aspects that go into merchandising a product.  It isn’t just a POP display that a visual designer has to take in to consideration; it’s the overall environment and feel of a space.  In order to make sure you are utilizing your space and display design,  check out these 11 basic merchandising tips from our POP designers as well as business consultant, Donna Wetterstrand.

Within Your Store:

1.  Create an environment within your store. The look and feel should represent your brand’s identity.  Starbucks does a great job of this.

Starbukcs 2

2.  Think about how to enhance the selling environment… this can be done by using music, touch screens, LED displays, monitors, etc.

3.  Elevated service floors are a subtle way to increase customer confidence.

4.  Staging can help your customers imagine your product in their home.


5.  Point-of-sale areas are an excellent way to display items for impulse buying or to display current sales or discounts. Small, inexpensive items should be placed on the way to the cash register to encourage quick, impulse purchases.

6.  Keep your store clean. No one will notice when your store is clean, but they DO notice when it is dirty!

Your POP Display:

7.  Full shelves/hooks show the customer you have a lot to offer.

Visual Merchandising

8.  Prime items should be placed at eye level.

9.  Maximize capacity.  Retail space is expensive, so be sure you are fitting the most product in the allowed floor space. That can be accomplished by using a custom display made specifically for your products.


10.  Mark your territory. Be certain that your signage is permanently attached to your display and display stands. You do not want a competitor to put their merchandise on your display.

11.  Be consistent.  This is especially true when you are deciding on POP displays. Make sure all of the designs for multiple displays keep up with the flow and consistency of your brand.

What are some of the merchandising techniques that YOU use?  Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!