Top 10 Trends in Women’s Accessories for 2015

Here at Sharn Enterprises, Inc., we make custom POP displays for products.  But did you know we also have to keep up on the hottest trends in retail?  Because we make point-of-purchase displays for new, hot items, we have to be on the lookout for the products that are making waves in the fashion industry.

That’s why we reached out to our friend Jazzmyne Robbins, Trend Forecaster at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising Los Angeles, to help us compile a list of what you should be on the lookout for this year and then we’ll take care of the displays they are merchandised on.

1. Wide-Brimmed Hats

432340_315518658502409_684968679_n  10961778_10203715389625364_1909406340_n - Copy  6e751f5c4b9ecc197a897c123cee78a1 - Copy

 2. Blanket Scarves

10956102_10203715389505361_861866678_n - Copy  d33feeb56f17d122f80d9dce845e0efb - Copy

3. Chokers

59e3b5c1505fa4f00c60bf6539376096 - Copy  54bc308abd477_-_trends-2014-accessories-chokers-01-balmain-clp-rs15-9216-lg - Copy

4. Simplistic Gold

d178a1c039dfa607d729c94ecabeb10f - Copy  d336acebc35bb718d4f32e8a97ad053f - Copy  442aceedb02b28ed70a053a365ac5e73 - Copy  5976f6bc6ddd03f3b535a6f558956190

5. Aztec, Old Heritage

da914260400297e8f37ae9dce4400f76 - Copy  10966783_10203715377785068_1601019985_n - Copy  10965294_10203715377665065_223142680_n - Copy  10968239_10203715377625064_1993450820_n - Copy

 6. Two Different Earrings

one-earing-00 - Copy  main.original - Copy  SS15Earrings-2 - Copy


7.  Chunky Belts

spring_summer_2015_accessory_trends_OBI_belts - Copy  d9fec35d4f0dfc64e1ccde948f375daf - Copy  image - Copy


8. Chic Flats

fd85cdd6ae20475e8097d8a539f3d3fb - Copy  0854772cf6442cedd8d171e584ac527a - Copy  6189d667c6ca4d716b1df436646600a5

9. Palm Prints

0582922d3c8ac463eb30db8de09dc6bb - Copy  881bb594a5bee82fd8f3a8ae0c459d2a - Copy  9f4dc4bc34eb4b6706fb4746a24ab656 - Copy  image (1) - Copy


10. Fringe Out

fringe2 - Copy  fringe - Copy  fringe3 - Copy  Christian L. - Copy

Do you make any of these products and need a display to show them off on?  There’s no better product display experts in the business than the designers at Sharn Enterprises, Inc.  Check us out at!

Follow us, too! @SharnDisplays! new_twitter_bird_vector_by_eagl0r-d2yth6g



Jazzmyne Robbins, Trend Forecaster at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising


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