What Matters More?

What Matters More, the Quality or Quantity of Your Social Media Audience?

There are some brands out there that have very large social media followings –whether it’s from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. – this takes top priority over anything else the company has going on. Which got me thinking, when it comes to the amount of “likes” and followers you have, does quantity override quality of content?

There are people, companies, and brands out there that have some of the largest social media following I have ever seen; millions upon millions of likes and comments, yet still have trouble obtaining money for a fundraiser they are trying to hold.  On the other hand, there companies that have a much smaller scale of social media following and have huge success in raising money for a fundraiser.  In my opinion, networking and actually getting to know your followers and friends has a lot to do with the outcome of your success in this situation.

Diane Leone, founder and digital media strategist for Butterfly Social, a boutique social media agency that helps companies market their businesses using social media, was asked “What do you tell clients and brands that worry about the number of social media followers?”

Quality And Quantity Computer Keys Showing Choice Between Excellence Or Numbers

Quality And Quantity Computer Keys Showing Choice Between Excellence Or Numbers

She states, “It’s about focusing on one or two of the best platforms for your business and really building quality connections on those platforms,” she says. “If you try to spread yourself thin, whether it’s across all social media platforms or trying to get huge quantities of followers, how will you engage with all of them effectively? I advise clients to go for meaningful engagements.”

Every company has a different approach and strategies for marketing their brand, but many businesses say that “80% is quality and 20% is quantity,” when it comes to social media marketing.

Companies want and need long time, recurring customers to sustain their business and brand. When you have these customers, it leads to more business from word of mouth marketing.  This can be good and bad.  I say this because your company and brand is highly important.  You want to make sure that you are obtaining customers that become “regulars” rather than having the “window shoppers” that leave you empty-handed.

The key to keeping quality is making sure that you are being authentic in your social media posts.

Here at Sharn Enterprises, Inc. we try our best to maintain authenticity and keep the quality of our posts at an all time high.  We like to engage our customers with relevant and trending content to keep them coming back.



Sure we could buy “fake followers,” but that wouldn’t make us the credible, loyal, and reliable company that our customers know us to be.

-Chelsey Heft, Marketing Intern

For more information on our products and services, visit http://www.sharndisplays.com!


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