How To Engage Millenials: A Rebuttal

Every day, we receive a “Tip of the Day” in email form from a small business website site called “Manta.”  Almost every time, we agree with the article and strive to implement the tips and suggestions listed within our organization.  In this particular case, myself and my co-worker, Chelsey, decided we didn’t quite agree with all the points listed.  In this article, it gives recommendations on how to engage millennials.  Being that myself and Chelsey are both considered “Generation Y”, we decided to delve a little deeper into if we agreed or disagreed with each point brought up.  Most people think they know how to engage with millennials, but sometimes the advice is not all it’s cracked up to be.  Here’s a rebuttal against this article about how to REALLY engage with millennials, from actual millennials.


Stephanie and Chelsey on Sharn’s Annual Chicago Sports Day in the office!

  • Millennials aren’t fans of hierarchy and corporate structure, so when you’re engaging them, expect to engage with a group. They make decisions by committee.

Chelsey:  I have to agree and disagree with this point. I know that I enjoy having someone above me and I believe that having hierarchy gives structure to the work place. On the other hand, I believe that millennials today work as a group and make decisions as a group. It gives us a sense of power and the sense that we have a voice, rather than feeling inferior to someone above them.

Stephanie:  I agree with Chelsey– I have mixed feelings about the above point.  I am a fan of hierarchy and structure within a company, but I also think that it is important to listen to the millennials and really take into consideration their thoughts and opinions.  We like to hear what other people have to say within a group setting, and then build upon those points to come to a clear and concise decision.

  • Remember when you used to call the decision-maker? Millennials will engage via text before they connect via phone.

Chelsey: I completely agree with this statement. In this day-in-age, we have gotten away from face-to-face interaction because we are all “too busy with our lives.” When we want to say something, we are little hesitant because we’re not too sure what the initial reaction will be.  On the other hand, I don’t think that this is going to help us.  By avoiding face-to-face interaction, it may have an adverse affect on us in the future.

Stephanie: I agree, us millennials do love texting.  Even email is starting to reflect our texting habits!  So short and concise… But I do think that it is important for millennials to remember to pick up the phone once in a while as well as try to connect with someone face-to-face.  The most important skill in a workplace is communication, and we have to remember that it can’t ALL be done through our devices.


  • Forget the martini lunch. Millennials expect you to be social and connect on a personal level online. They don’t want to work with you, they want to collaborate—now, in real-time.

Chelsey:  We want to work with you AND collaborate.  Millennials are hungry and eager to dive right in.  We don’t care how we do it.

Stephanie:  I also disagree.  I think millennials still enjoy the “martini lunch” but also look for different ways in order to complete a project.  We look for creative ways to connect and communicate, whether it’s through LinkedIn for a first time touch-point, or through Skype for a real-time meeting.  We want to collaborate and we want to use all the technology we can while doing it.


  • Millennials are the most racially diverse generation in U.S. history, and tend to lean politically toward liberal thought and inclusivity.

Chelsey: Times have changed since we were born. We don’t see color; we see normal people who come and go in and out of our lives.  Sure, there is still some racism in our world but many millennials don’t stand for others to be left out.  There is also the very strong idea of equality and male feminists within the millennial generation.

Stephanie: We definitely are the most open-minded generation.  We are so welcoming and inclusive that it paves the way for upcoming generations to think the same way.  I am proud to be apart of a generation that accepts people for who they are, no matter what.

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Stephanie hanging out with some custom silhouettes.

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