7 Steps to Boosting Sales

Many new businesses ask, “What does it take to boost the sales for my company?” According to Jeff Arnold, managing partner of 4Spot Marketing, a Las Vegas-based consumer marketing company, their are two main approaches.  Bringing more people through your door and convincing your regular customers to buy more of what you sell.

While those two ways are very important, there are seven steps that Arnold goes over to boost sales even more. They Include: Optimize Your Organic Search Results, Making Sensible Use of Social Media, Getting Granular, Considering Click-Through Ads– But Know Their Limitations, Being Effective Blogger, Collecting Customer Emails, and last but not least Checking Your ROI


Optimize Your Organic Search Results

Understanding what the term “organic” means when talking about search results is critical. Organic search results are those listed below the ad listing that leads off search results on sites like Google. “People tend to skip right past the paid ads and jump straight to the organic results. They trust them more.” says Arnold. So how do you lead the organic search engine results you might ask?  Well, the more frequently you update your store’s website to include keywords, links and coding the more frequently it will show up in the different search engines. New evolutions take place in search engines such as having a mobile-friendly website. This is increasingly important.

Make Sensible Use of Social Media

Generally, retailers have unrealistic expectations for what social media can do for their company. Arnold states, “Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are more effective at nurturing relationships than attracting new customers.” Social media marketing can also eat up a lot of time. If you end up feeling like updating the various social media sites he would recommend using tools such as Jetpack for WordPress. Jetpack automatically populates your blog post to all the different feeds that you may have—Facebook, Twitter, etc. Here at Sharn we use social media to nurture our relationship with our fanbase and build our brand awareness.


Get Granular

Making sure your ad is being observed by the right demographic group is also very important For example, “if you have a certain product that women love, send that ad to women and a different one to guys,” explains Arnold. “If you take out a Facebook ad you can choose to boost it to be distributed to everyone in the Chicago area in a certain age group, for example.” Twitter and LinkedIn offer similar opportunities.

Consider Click-Through Ads- But Know Their Limitations

Click-through ads can be a useful tool when you’ve just opened a store. “You can use them to fend off a competitor. You can actually advertise in such a away that whenever someone searches under your competitor’s name, your ad pops up at the top,” says Arnold.  However, “The second you stop paying the ad then goes away.  If you optimize your results in the search engine, your site will stay in the list even if it drops down over time,” warns Arnold.


Be an Effective Blogger

Blogging regularly can help boost your stores image.  Arnold says, “post about the local things going on in your area that are not related to your shop. You don’t want your social media to be a running billboard of what you do. The internet community frowns on that sort of thing and you will do more harm than good.” If you find yourself at a loss of what to blog about, a good idea would be to ask your store employees for some fresh ideas. A good question to ask them would be, “What do our customers ask about most often?”

Collect Customer Emails

Email marketing is a very inexpensive way to market with many customers. “It’s a great way to nurture existing customers by providing them with coupons or special discounts. If you provide good content and the occasional coupon or freebie, people are willing to accept receiving emails.” says Arnold.  Sites and services such as content contact, mail chimp, and vertical response are a good place to start.


Check Your ROI

In marketing, gauging how effective your techniques have been is often tricky. There are some types of online marketing campaigns that can provide a measure of success. For example, you can check the amount of times a consumer has clicked on your ad and how long they have spent looking at your site when you buy an email campaign or a banner ad.

“Statistics show that 75 percent of offline purchases are started online with some sort of search. What’s more, 67 percent of all online searches from a mobile device result in a purchase within five hours”- Jeff Arnold.

For more information about Sharn’s products and services, make sure to check out www.sharndisplays.com or call 815-464-9715.



Gelfand, Jennifer. “Seven Steps to Boosting Sales.” Marketing Moves Aug.-Sept. 2015: 23-25. Web. Oct.-Nov. 2015.


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