Family or Work

Is your particular business open or closed for thanksgiving?

I have read a lot of comments about this recently on social media so I couldn’t resist “Weighing in” myself. Our company, Sharn Enterprises manufactures retail product displays that are seen in many of the nation’s top retailers, so we certainly have a connection to that segment of the economy. However, since we are primarily a custom manufacturer of display products and we do not have any retail locations, we will be closed on Thanksgiving.

I know that television, newspaper adds, and the internet have all combined to make this into a real contest about who has the biggest and best deals, who is opening earliest, who has the most people showing up, etc. etc. I think that hype is justified for “Black Friday”, but just maybe not for Thanksgiving itself.


In any business it is important to not only know your customers and what they need, it is also essential that you know your employees and take their feelings into consideration when making these choices. We know our employees well, and while a small group of them might want to come here and work, (just to avoid some of their relatives) the majority of them want to spend the day with their family and friends, and if we are lucky – watch the Bears defeat the Packers. Like many other companies, we have put Thanksgiving on our Paid holiday list, and our people really appreciate it.


Being an important supplier to the retail industry, we want all of the retail stores to do well, not only on Black Friday, but throughout the entire holiday shopping season! One of the reasons that they call it “Black Friday” is that it is said to be the first day that many of the retailers go from “Red ink” (no profit) to black ink, or profitability. I get that, and completely support the whole Black Friday effort. However opening up on Thanksgiving Day itself, not so much!  I suspect that many companies would still be profitable at the end of the year, without working on Thanksgiving, and they would likely be better regarded by their own employees. That also pays dividends !

                                                                                    What do you think?

Roger Wandersee                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Sharn Enterprises, Inc                                                                                                                                                                                                             “A proud American Manufacturer”



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