2015 Holiday Shopping Trends

Each year we are always curious to see if the sales statistics have increased or decreased from the year before. Just as suspected, many of the statistics dealing with online shopping have increased tremendously.  Whats even more interesting is that many people who have purchased gifts this year have bought their gifts using a smart phone or tablet, 67% of people to be exact.


Since Star Wars has almost arrived in theaters, everything to do with Star Wars has become very popular. In fact, Star Wars is the number one Christmas toy this year for kids. Second on the rankings list is the Footwelt Mini Self-Balancing 2 Wheel Scooter with LED Light. The million dollar question is, where is the most popular place people buy Christmas gifts from this holiday season? Coming in first place is Amazon with a whopping 50% (Sharn makes some displays sold on Amazon), 23% have bought online from retail stores, 10% have bought from 3rd party marketplaces, which are online stores unlike amazon or eBay. Lastly, 5% of people said they bought from eBay this year.


Thanksgiving and Black Friday are the two biggest holiday spending days before Christmas. So far the Winter Holiday spendings in the U.S. is $630.5B that is $22.3B more than 2014.

Many often wonder how much money to spend on different categories for the holidays. The average winter holiday shopping budget for 2015 has been broken down to the following categories:

$480- Gifts for family

$119- Candy and food

$110-Gifts for friends

$79- Gifts for co-workers

$78- Decorations

$47- Flowers

$38- Greeting Cards

$65- Other Gifts


Brick + Mortar stores continue to be as popular as ever with $10.4 Billion sold to over 102 Million shoppers so far this year. Here at Sharn we build and manufacture product displays, wood displays, metal displays, acrylic displays, and many more types of product displays. We support all of these businesses by making retail displays that not only get their products noticed, but also help get them sold.

“A Proud American Manufacturer”



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